23 November 2010 @ 07:46 pm
Title: Verstrahlt
Length: oneshot
Pairing: Jae/Tiffany(snsd)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: hetero(le gasp!), smut, a not-so-nice-Jaejoong (yumm)
Genre: lol idk, dirty-ugly-romance maybe?
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou


...this one, my dear fellows, gets a banner, since I have a bad feeling that else way
too many would click this without a second thought only to get deeply traumatized by
the lack of cock :'D

Summary: “He kissed her again as his hand slid up and down her bend leg around his waist, cold skin warming under his caring palms. She moaned, lips parting, searching for his, as one of his hands slipped underneath her skirt, his fingers brushing over the lacy ribbons on both sides of her panties. ”


His body crashed into her's as soon as she opened the door, almost knocking her off her balance, lips closing around her little gasp of surprise, a warm tongue immediately slipping past her rosy flesh.

Her hands reached out for him as she felt her body losing balance, but his strong arms wrapped around her small frame a second later, pressing her against his toned chest as they both fell hard against the wall of her hotel suite's entrance hall.

He held her safe in his arms, strong hands running up her light body's sides, his well-toned body pressing her's against the wall and flat against his own. His fingers found their way to her beautiful, dark brown hair, caressing the rich locks, curling them around his fingers, while he looked down at her, his dark and lush eyelashes softening the impish glint in his eyes while his lips formed a small and knowing smirk.

She shivered as they locked lips again.

Their kiss was wet, sloppy. His lips eager -her's trembling with desire and they moaned into each others mouths.

Raw lust dripped from the tip of his tongue, sweet on her lips, as she pressed them back against his. He moaned into her mouth, damp breath forcing its way past her swollen lips, inside her pulsing insides and she had to smile while she licked his saliva from the corners of her mouth.

He sucked on her lower lip for a second, but then released her, his warm tongue licking the soft flesh, tracing the seam of her lips for another moment, before he licked a path down her left cheek.

She closed her eyes, head tilting backwards, a moan escaping her swollen lips, as he closed his mouth around the tip of her chin, teeth digging into her creamy white skin enough to have her shiver with lust. Her lids fluttered, vision swimming and blurry, while he worshiped the skin on her exposed throat.

Her thighs spread almost en passant and his lower body settled between her legs, his groin rubbing against her up-riding skirt, the silk of it crackling and rustling silently against the rough cotton-surface of his jeans-clad thigh.

He pressed her more firmly against the wall, his strong hands tenderly closing around her petit wrists as he lifted them up and then around his neck. She moaned, eyes opening feverishly, before fluttering shut, hand tightening around his skin, pink fingernails playing with black hair-ends on his neck, softly tugging on them until he hissed.

She was on the tips of her toes, stretching her small body against his, but just a moment later her arms around his neck tightened and her body lifted itself on its own, his warm hands sliding down her body to help one trembling and flawless thigh on its way around his waist. He licked her bottom lip as she pressed her abdomen against his crotch, desperate for his touch, for friction.

He kissed her again as his hand slid up and down her bend leg around his waist, cold skin warming under his caring palms. She moaned, lips parting, searching for his, as one of his hands slipped underneath her skirt, his fingers brushing over the lacy ribbons on both sides of her panties.

He fingered the filigree surface a moment, enjoying the itchy softness against his rough fingertips, but then licked his lips, head bending down to catch her's for another kiss, as his fingers carefully caressed their way across her venus.

She gasped into his amused mouth as his fingertips pressed against her opening, her panties getting pushed inside her begging body at the process. He rubbed his fingers against the cotton-lace-barrier nice and slow, enjoying the wetness slowly drenching the fabric against his fingertips and how her entrance pulsed in anticipation.

Her hands, he noticed, were shaking as they came up to clutch at his shirt, her deep-brown hair -wavy tonight, falling in front of her eyes, hid her face except for her full and soft-pink lips. They trembled, and as he added a bit more pressure to his circling fingertips, she gasped and her rosy tongue came out to lick the corners of her mouth. He had to bit hard on his lips at that sight, instantly imagining her licking up different fluids from her own flesh.

One of his fingers, his ring finger -but he was too busy unbuttoning her white blouse with one hand to notice- slipped under her panties and he smiled as her hands in his shirt tighten and she started gasping against his neck.

His finger was met by a damp hotness, curly pubic-hair, which he knew to be nicely trimmed from former experiences- sticking onto his skin as he slowly sunk his slender finger inside her wet channel.

Her entrance was blossoming around it, then clenching back together frantically, and his eyes crossed and he moaned, while his right hand finally opened the blouse enough to slip under her bra, gently cupping one of her soft breasts in his warm palm.

Her lips silently begged him to kiss her and he submitted, body bending down, hand tightening around her breast, finger slipping deeper, while he pushed his tongue inside her gasping mouth. She rocked her hips to meet his moving finger and by the time they parted their lips to breath in some much needed oxygen, he had two fingers smoothly slipping in and out of her.

She licked her lips while tightening her leg around his waist, the other still stretching on her high heel, balancing her rocking body. He could see the muscles of her upper thigh tensing at the effort and he knew she wanted him closer to her body. He couldn't deny her, not with her eye-lids fluttering, her long and lush lashes kissing the apple of her adorably pink flushed cheeks, not with her lips full and alluring, just as her sweet scent was, not with her pale and soft body trembling against his strong one, not with her long and wavy hair embracing both their lust-clad and entwined faces.

He had never seen anything more beautiful and ...he couldn't deny her.

She let her fingers run through his black hair, messing it up, rearranging carefully arranged strands of thick locks, her pink nails scraping against his scalp. He closed his eyes in utter bliss, groaning when she tightened a fist and pulled on his hair.

Her remaining leg lifted from the marble of the entrance hall then, and he was quick to cup her plump ass cheeks with both his hands, his chest pressing her body against the wall more firmly for balance, her soft breasts flat against his nipples, until she successfully wrapped and crossed her legs around his waist.

She moaned against his left ear as she was fully wrapped around his body, her thighs around his form tensing as he pushed his fingers back inside of her.

“Jaejoong...” Her voice was soft, but there was a touch of impatience, as she once again shifted her hips against his body. “Jae...please-”

He smiled, one corner of his mouth lifting, his eyes staying controlled as he slowly pulled out his fingers out of her body.

“What do you want, Tiff...” His voice was smooth, a purr against her heated skin.

He looked into her begging eyes as he pressed his wet tips against the tiny nub above her entrance and rubbed, the girl wincing and then jolting, almost slipping sideways and falling on the ground as she cried out and shook her small hips to get those fingers moving faster against her clit.

Her moans and little cries were high-pitched, desperate, sounding like sweet music to him. Her mouth was a fascinating twist of gasping wide open and a cute pout, her hips shaking around his digits, trying to ride him, but failing almost adorably.

He laughed then, took pity on her desperate efforts to have him closer to her body, because she was so cute and hopeless and because she couldn't help but blush some more when she looked up at his controlled face.

He saw her gritting her teeth in annoyance, but her eyes rolled backwards as he rubbed her with expert motions, the nail of his index lightly scraping and dragging her clit upwards. She looked like she was about to faint and Jaejoong couldn't help but smirk.

It was only when he stopped teasing her that she was able to gasp and then snap at him, her lips pouty, voice still breathless as she breathed out a faint: “Ass...hole...”

He clicked with his tongue, but smirked as she understood and opened her mouth obediently to take in his wet fingertips, cleaning them for him, as well as preparing them for whatever he had in mind for her. He cupped her cheek with one palm, loving the way it hollowed bellow his skin as she sucked hard on his fingers, obscene slurping sounds echoing off her hotel suite's walls.

“Good girl...” He murmured, eyes half-closing, as he slid his fingers in and out her pretty mouth. He could feel her tongue curling lovingly around his digits, caressing his skin with dedication, adoration in her eyes as she looked up at him and locked eyes with his bottomless dark orbs.

He let her work his fingers for another moment, his other hand kneading her breast encouragingly, but having other things in mind for her, he slipped his digits out of her mouth, a string of saliva connecting and stretching, stretching...stretching, then dripping down to the ground, some sticking to her chin.

He closed both his hands around her slim waist, holding the girl safe in his arms as he walked down the hallway and into her bedroom. His arms were tense, muscles proudly hardening and sculpturing his body into raw perfection, as he gently carried the girl to the bed and lay her down on it.

Her arms reached out, her thighs spreading for him and he sunk down in between them, his body embracing her's, his fingers finding their way back into her wet warmth, while he kissed both her temples and then the tip of her nose.

She moaned as his hips started to move against her abdomen, his instinctive motions reminding her of waves crashing against a shore, curling around the barrier to pull back, build anew only to wash over her again, drowning her in desire.

She wanted to be pulled under the stormy surface of his ocean that heartbeat as her lips locked with his, heavy breathing escaping them both, while she inhaled his musky scent deep into her suffocating lungs.

He held her in his warm hands, not allowing her to drown, keeping her safe while his groin pressed against the lacy barrier covering her entrance.

Both their eyes were closed, but when he opened them to look at her, just to lose himself in the beauty of her disclosed emotions, he had to swallow down a moan of pure veneration, swearing that heartbeat to never close his eyes again with her beauty laying in his arms.

She licked his lower lip as he bend down to kiss her, the flat of her tongue pressing against his soft flesh, dragging it sideways, before she licked the corners, her tongue slipping inside his moist cavern when he had to smile at her eagerness.

She explored the inside of his willing mouth, the tip of her tongue feeling along the smooth line of his perfect teeth, before resting in the small space behind his full lower lip.

He caressed her tongue with his own, his body shifting upon her until he had easier access to her sweet mouth.

She had to smile as he gently urged her tongue out of his way to her lips, but was quick to obediently part them for him, as his fingertips almost slipped out of her as a warning. Tiffany whined in resentment, until Jaejoong gave a low chuckle and slipped them back in, mindfully twisting his fingers and caressing her insides, before he took them out.

She gasped in irritation, her thighs fluttering with indignation, but before she could voice out her angry confusion Jaejoong rubbed up and down her blossoming opening, rubbing and rolling her lower-lips between his broad and callused fingers, wetting her with her own juices, before finally pulling on her clit, the nail of his index carefully digging into the soft bud full of pleasure.

She had her eyes closed, but her lips were parted, heavy breathing escaping her while she gasped for air, her chest heaving so violently that her soft breasts were shaking from the effort of her lungs to pump much needed oxygen into her collapsing system.

She was feeling lightheaded, her fingers helplessly clutching on the muscles on Jaejoong's flexed upper arms, her thighs around his body tightening and relaxing, tightening and relaxing as her lower body instinctively lifted and tried to catch his teasing fingers back into her wet channel.

When he slipped his middle and index back inside of her to slowly rotate them just barely past the rim, the girl cried out in frustration, tightened her legs around his hips and forcefully pressed him against her, her hands reaching out for his dark hair, pulling onto his locks for balance as she lifted her lower body to meet him, to press against him.

She made an irritated sound as she felt the rough fabric of his jeans against her skin and her fingers loosened from around his locks, quickly finding their way to his groin, fumbling with the zipper of his jeans pressed against her panties-covered opening.

He made no effort in helping her to free him, but didn't hinder her neither. His fingers simply stilled in her, only softly rotating inside of her in slow movements, while her fingers quickly freed him of his jeans, her warm palm cupping his erection through the thin cotton of his briefs.

Jaejoong jerked his fingers inside of her as a warning, and she gave a breathy gasp, her lips forming a smirk though, before she carefully slipped her fingers past the tight waistband of his brief.

He had to close his eyes at the first touch of her petite fingertips against his throbbing cock.

She carefully let her fingers trail over the whole length, before resting against his base, the tip of her middle finger pressing against the sensitive skin there, rubbing gently against a slightly swollen path of skin where under a thin layer a thick vein pulsed and throbbed.

He hissed as one of her fingernails dug into his skin, his cock twitching against her warm hand. She clasped his cock with a firm grip then, slowly stroking up and down his length, enjoying the velvet against her own soft palm, while his fingers returned slipping in and out of her, encouraging her to touch him more, faster, firmer.

She had to smile a little, her lips parting for another gasp though, as the flat of his thumb pressed against her clit, playing with it, rubbing the rough surface of his callused skin over her pulsing heat.

She freed him from his briefs with shaking fingers then, too impatient to feel him against herself to tease him more, and they both moaned as his cock was freed from the humid-damp cotton air, to press against her pale stomach without anything between their skin contact.

The wet tip of his cock first brushed against her skin, leaving a wet and shimmering trail of precome across her abdomen, before pressing against the soft and pale flesh of her stomach, right below her tiny navel.

She whined and Jaejoong had to laugh at the desperate sound, but he pressed his fingers back into her deep and good, taking pity on her pouty action to have him quit the teasing.

Tiffany moaned, right into his left ear, while her fingers went back up to his hair, pulling on his dark locks again, begging his face closer to her own, until she could capture his lips with hers. She rotated her small hips, riding his fingers, but gasped for more, whispering ”please”, while liking the external shell of his ear.

He teased her with his tip against his fingers inside of her, not pressing in just barely touching her heat, only giving her a faint idea of what was to come. He smirked as he slowly pulled his fingers out of her wet channel, his dark eyes shimmering with raw lust as the girl clenched around empty air, her hips still rising to catch his fingers back into her body.

She whined helplessly, incoherent, her body of fire and her mind a million miles away, but at the same time she was strangely attentive and at the present here and now. A heavy haze of lust clouded her rational thinking tough, but it needed only the the bare touch of the velvet tip of his cock against her begging lower-lips, and then the urging press of his length inside her tight channel to have her wide awake, her dark eyes widening in wordless surprise.

Her pale hands came up to press against his strong chest, pushing him, trying to get him off her open spread body.

He frowned, an irritated sound escaping his lips as he let go of her, Tiffany breathing out as his cock slipped out of her, the tip smearing a wet trail of pre-come across her abdomen and across her venus. It shimmered in the dim light of her bedroom and for a small moment, Jaejoong adored the play of colours of refracted light upon her flawless, pale skin.

He sat back on his knees, as he looked down to her, her body sprawled out for his eyes, open and calling for him, her creamy-white thighs spread, inviting him to sink in between them into her blinding heat. But when he reached out for her again, she made a whining sound and leaned back.

He saw a pout forming on her soft lips as she watched his cock twitching at the sight of her- still laying on her back comfortably- wide open for his hungry eyes, her knees pulled up and bended, so that the soles of her feet were flat against the soft mattress.

Jaejoong swallowed, licked his lips and then hissed I irritation, as Tiffany closed her thin arms around her knees, pulling herself up into a sitting position, before resting her head sideways upon her bony knees.

“Tiff- what the fuck?-” His voice was more annoyed than angry and Tiffany did not even batter an eyelash, though her pout intensified as she watched a frustrated furrow form between his fine eyebrows.

“Well you can't expect me to allow you to fuck me without protection-” The rest of her sentence was swallowed up in a long and annoyed sigh from him. His dark eyes bored inside of hers and all she could read in them was a bewildered: 'Are you for real, woman?', before Jaejoong leaned back and sighed.

She pressed her lips together and then carefully glanced at his cock, her lips immediately softening back into a pout as she saw him losing his excitement.

“Jaejoong, last time you fucked me you left me with a surprise gift inside of me.” She watched him grit his teeth in annoyance, but she knew that he knew that she had a point.

Jaejoong wasn't exactly what Tiffany would understand as a nice person, but right now he was nice enough not to mention the existence of a morning-after pill to her, knowing that even his beauty and fame founded and therefore somewhat legitimate impudence would cross a line he should rather not.

She fought back her smile as she reached out for him, her arms embracing his upper body. After a small moment his frozen body relaxed back into hers and his arms closed around her fragile body, pulling her closer.

“Seriously, what did the girls in Japan teach you, Jae?” she murmured against his chest, while her fine fingertips found their way to the tip of his cock, playing with the slit until the man hissed.

He licked his lips, his dark eyes closing with a moan as he rocked his hips against her hand. His voice was dark, full with lust as he bend his upper body toward her, abs hardening and forming a perfect, concave bow.

Her right hand left his cock, the thumb of her left rubbing its flat against the glistening slit more firmly to make up for the missing fingertips, while the index of her right hand traced the fine line of abs, the tip of her cold finger dipping up and down the hardened muscles.

He moaned again, one of his big hands closing around her petite one around his cock, speeding up her stroking on his length. She leaned into his body, her soft breasts pressing against his hard chest, and she could feel his heart pounding against her collar, the closeness of their bodies making her smile.

He rocked into her hand a few more times, before he leaned back with a moan, dark eyes opening to look at her, while his strong arms closed around her trembling form.

“Common, Tiff. Let me fuck you, I want to be inside you...” He almost purred.

She swallowed and closed her eyes at the smooth and begging tone of his voice against her skin, but her lips pouted defensively. But before she could tell him no, he leaned down and kissed her protest away.

She could feel his tip rubbing, begging against her moist entrance and she squirmed her body in his hold a little, but his arms were hard, ungiving and held her in place as his tip dipped inside her blossoming channel.

“Please...please...” he murmured, his cock pulsing with need while the flat of his hands pressed the girl closer to his body. “Please, Tiff. I'll be careful- I'll come outside, just let me-”

The tip of Jae's cock rubbed against Tiffany's clit before it dipped back inside of her and the girl moaned, her pink fingernails digging deep into the sweat-slick skin of Jae's tense back. She was helpless in his hold, her body begging for his touch, but the rational part in her still tried to deny him.

But as he slowly lowered her on her back and pressed his hot body against hers, as his cock slid a few more centimeters inside her desperate heat, as the thick muscles in his strong arms tensed around her body, large palms sliding down her trembling curves to grip around her silky thighs, she no longer could deny him.

He felt her tender insides gripping his cock as he pulled out, and he moaned, deep, guttural, his eyes crossed, throat tightening, his Adam's apple jumping as he let his head fall backwards. One of his hands tightened around her right upper-thigh, bending it in half to have her pink opening on display, his cock almost slipping out at the process but then sinking deeper inside of her, the new angle leaving them both speechless for a split second, before they both moan in pure pleasure.

Her plump ass lifted from the mattress at the process, the small of her back flush against his abdomen as he sunk between her quivering thighs as deep as he could go, groaning as she sucked in her stomach and tightened for him.

He did not pause to let her catch her breath, but snapped his hips out of her only to slam back, pushed inside fast and deep with a low grunt against her trembling lips.

With furrowed brows he watched her sweet face twist in both pain and pleasure and part of him wanted to slow down, devour her nice and sensual, but she felt so good around him, her hips shaking in perfection around his working cock, and then her lips parted and she moaned out his name, her fingers reaching out for his dark hair, pulling on it to have him close.

He pressed his lips against hers, sucking down her sweet breath from her lungs and then panting back oxygen past her lips as he fucked her, his cock sliding in and out of her, as he was giving while she was taking without question.

Their bodies connected in a horizontal line, his fingers around her creamy white thigh tightening, digging into her flesh, bruising her, but she didn't notice, too busy and distracted by the powerful play of muscles in his tense arms, too busy tracing a pulsating vein on the inner side of his forearm, before sinking her pink nails into his hard flesh, groaning and grinding her lower body against his cock to feel his heat rubbing against her clit.

In his eyes, she never had been more beautiful than the moment she opened her eyes with a low moan, her big pupils mirroring him and only him as she stared up at his face, her lips parting to call out his name, telling him how good he was to her, how good he felt in her, how much she loved his body against her own.

His hands slid up her body to caress her face, one palm gently cupping her cheek while he slowed down his thrusts, arching his back to push against her more sensually, both moaning at the new sensations tickling down their nerve-systems.

His right hand found its way to her firm breasts, his palm pressing against her nipple, rubbing it against the flat of it while he pushed his body against hers with every thrust of his lower body.

She felt her orgasm nearing then, as his fingertips played with her nipples and sent tiny jolts through her whole body, the pleasure adding to the constant waves ebbing and washing down her spine.

He only noticed when her thighs around his body tightened and pressed him closer, her hands reaching out to grip the firm muscles of his arms as her fingernails dug into the flexed skin, a post-orgasmic groan escaping her quivering lips, just as she tightened around his cock, clenching so hard that he couldn't help a deep growl slipping past his gritted teeth.

Her orgasm crashed through her small body and he noticed her stomach and abdomen heaving in exhaustion, but she wouldn't stop shaking her hips, grinding her lower body against his hard cock, to catch every little shock f pleasure his body could offer her.

She was taking as much as she was giving, not willing to take anything less than what he took out of her body, and he loved her for it, loved her for playing this game so well.

With her tightened channel around his cock, it took him just a few more minutes and some sensually whispered words against his external ear, before he groaned against the side of her face, his arms bending left and right of her head, his body hovering above her spread open one, while the rhythm of his thrusts became erratic, but faster and harder at the same time.

She groaned at the delicious burn deep inside of her and then a high-pitched moan escaped her, as she felt a sudden, bursting wetness soothing down her friction-warmed channel.

She clenched for a final time around his retreating cock, moaning as hot liquid shot against her quivering walls on his cock's way outside her body.

Once he was full out her body, they both watched in silent awe as his semen spurted out the tip of is cock to drip-drop onto her abdomen and upon her still pulsing entrance, the fluid was more liquid, more translucent than she remembered it from the last time he had slept with her.

Their heavy breathing and his damp gasps for air were the only sounds in her bedroom.

She licked her lower lip, her belly heaving and quivering with the aftershocks of his moving heat inside of her body, as she watched him, how his tongue was coughed in between his full lips, how his brows were furrowed, how his handsome face looked so blissful, but concentrated as his fingers held his cock firmly against her swollen entrance, shaking the last drops upon the blossoming up channel.

She moaned as he opened his eyes, the shimmering orbs still full with raw lust, and then his fingers slipped back inside of her, playing with the cum that pooled in the chalice of her V, smearing it around her friction-warmed walls and lower lips, tracing the rim with it, fingering her clit, before sinking inside, her walls welcoming him back home as his come seeped inside, finding its slick way around his digits and inside the depth of her body.

He pressed his two fingers together, playing with her wet channel, pushing and pulling, slick and obscene sounds forming around his prodding digits, her lower lips smacking, not willing to let go of his fingers, as he rotated them deep inside of her in circular motions, his fingertips curling and brushing against her clenching walls.

She gasped, felt lust once again stirring in her lower abdomen and whined as his fingers left her just when she was about to shake her hips, the boy laughing, laughing, as he leaned back and away from her body.

There was amusement in his eyes as he looked at her, a pleased grin on his lips and she was irritated how young and boyish he looked all of a sudden.

For the second time this night she muttered a silent: “Asshole...” And then glared at him as he flipped her off with a cum-smeared finger. Her glare intensified when she touched her still pulsing vulva and found his cum smeared all over it. She pouted.

“You wanted to come outside!” She watched him wipe his fingers on her bedsheets, before searching for his pack of cigarettes in his pants-pockets at the end of the huge bed. He just shrugged.

“Maybe you should stop being so trusting.” He offered, while he fished out his pack, searching for a lighter next.

He did not turn to see her disapproving frown, but felt it burning through his back. He sighed, rubbed a hand over his face and then turned, eyes dark and hard while the girl watched him silently.

“Look, Tiff. We just fucked a minute ago, do you have to make things complicated a fucking minute after we fucked our way to heaven.” His fingers clenched around his lighter, before he grimaced and lit his cigarette. “Everything will be alright- just as always, you don't have to fuck with me now, do you?”

He was so damn selfish, but Tiffany remained silent, only watched him inhaling a deep drag before exhaling and then suddenly crushing the cigarette against the ashtray on his bed table.

He was beside her in less than a split second, his strong arms wrapping around her as he pressed an assuring kiss against her lips. He tasted...well he tasted of cigarettes and sex, and maybe of something entirely unique belonging only to him, but Tiffany was too lost in the small act of gentleness Jaejoong offered her for her eager willingness to use her body for his pleasure, to put more into that interesting fact than a mere thought.

As he kissed down her body, she wondered if he ever noticed that she was taking her pleasure out of him too, just the way he selfishly did with hers. She wondered if it ever crossed his mind that she was using him just as much as he was using her. She wondered if he thought that she thought that she was the only one for him.

She wondered if he thought that she was in love with him.

Tiffany pursed her lips while Jaejoong leaned her back against her soft cushions, his full lips leaving wet trails along the skin of her collar and her breasts.

She absentmindedly run her pink fingernails through his dark hair, pressing against his scalp, making him groan low with pleasure, while she thought about what they were and what they were not.

She thought about love and addiction, lust and poison, pleasure and desperation and about how she would call him in a week or two maybe, telling him that she was pregnant and then, she hid a small smile against the side of his face at that thought, how she would close the phone to his face, cutting off his addiction, poison and desperation from her life.

But for now she closed her thighs around his narrow waist with a sigh, while his fingers brushed through her locks, his lips closing around hers as he devoured her with passion.

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A/N: evil Tiffany is evil. I love her and someone really needs to teach Jae a lesson :'D
“verstrahlt” is a german word and means more or less the state someone is in when being on drugs lol.
If Jaejoong and Tiffany would be a couple in real life I'd totally ship them.
...well after I cried like a tear or two actually :'D

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