31 December 2010 @ 01:37 am
Title: Ten Minutes
Length: oneshot
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: gender-bender-Jae hahahaha :'D
Genre: dirty filthy smut
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

"There was no time to tease, so Yunho carefully lowered Jaejoong back on the table, before he pulled his hands from under Jaejoong's ass. They slowly slipped up creamy thighs, before they stopped at the junction where both legs met."

A/N: this might offend you and your pure and honest love for your idols.
This oneshot is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] julili

They had ten minutes.

Yunho pushed Jaejoong on his back and gripped his ankles, bending his legs, spreading them, before he settled between them, his jeans-clad groin roughly rubbing against Jaejoong's briefs.

The second he attacked his mouth, Jaejoong wrapped his legs around Yunho's body, moaning into his mouth as Yunho slipped his fingers underneath Jaejoong's underwear.

In a matter of seconds, Yunho had undressed Jaejoong and the boy was naked on the styling table, make-up scattering, falling and rolling down the table, dropping loudly on the tiled floor.

He was still between Jaejoong's legs, hunger in his dark eyes as he pressed Jaejoong's thighs apart and cupped the boy's ass cheeks to lift his lower body.

Their entwined bodies were reflected a thousand times in the countless mirrors around them and Jaejoong moaned as they both watched a reflection of him, Yunho, lowering his head down to Jaejoong's groin.

Yunho's tongue slipped out, past swollen lips, and the last second before the tip of Yunho's tongue touched his flesh, Jaejoong closed his eyes to release a loud moan.

Yunho licked around Jaejoong's tightly clenching ass hole, tongue dipping inside and Jaejoong hissed in irritation.

There was no time to tease, so Yunho carefully lowered Jaejoong back on the table, before he pulled his hands from under Jaejoong's ass. They slowly slipped up creamy thighs, before they stopped at the junction where both legs met.

Yunho couldn't help but lick his lips and then his fingers tightened around the soft flesh of Jaejoong's lower middle, slowly spreading his pussy open for his eyes, and oh god when Yunho bend forward and licked it deep and good he tasted vanilla on the tip of his tongue.


Jaejoong's voice was so sweet, begging him, and Yunho licked him deeper, tasted more of him and felt Jaejoong trembling around him, thighs closing around his head to push him firmly against him.

Seven minutes left.

"Yunho, please..."

Cold fingertips, trembling with lust, freed his cock from his jeans, and it sprung free, wet and impatient, and Yunho felt how Jaejoong's soft insides clenched around him in excitement.

He gave that pink pussy a last lick, lips closing around Jaejoong's clit to suck on it for a small moment, delighted at the intense moans falling from plump lips above his head.

When Yunho leaned back to admire his work on Jaejoong's opening, he saw that the once soft-rosé had turned into a rich deep-pink, quivering and shaking with want.

Satisfied, Yunho fingered Jaejoong's clit with one hand, while his other fisted his own cock, a groan escaping him as a thrusted into his hand.

Jaejoong was shaking his narrow hips around his fingers, trying to ride them, and Yunho wanted nothing more than watch Jaejoong's pussy swallowing up his digits for his whole remaining life, but they had only five minute left and Yunho hurriedly pulled his fingers out that wet channel and slammed his dripping cock in.

They both moaned, Yunho at the impossible wet warmth embracing his cock so lovingly, and Jaejoong at the deliciously burning stretch forcing him so widely apart.

Yunho only needed a split second to steady himself, hands reaching out for Jaejoong's tits, gripping them firmly as he started thrusting.

Each slam of his cock deep inside Jaejoong's wanton body pushed him further against that willing form, and his hands pressed and pressed against those poor tits, nipples squeezing and swelling between tiny gaps of clenching fingers, until Jaejoong screamed out in pained pleasure, body arching off the table to form a perfect bow, before his hands blindly reached out for Yunho to grab onto him as he lifted his hips.

Yunho felt Jaejoong meeting his cock, trying to ride it, while the boy frantically rubbed his clit against the thick length working in and out of him.

They both moaned, and with closed eyes reached out to kiss, wet lips smacking together in an open-mouthed kiss with an utterly obscene sound, before they breathlessly moaned into each others mouths, damp and hot air escaping and hitting them, but at that point they hardy felt any sensation beside the intense pleasure from where they connected.

Yunho's cock was constantly dripping inside Jaejoong, and the boy could feel it, his eyes rolling backwards in pleasure as each thrust pushed the liquid further down his channel.
Yunho's hands gripped and twisted his tits, pulling and pushing on them, stretching them in his hands until Jaejoong wasn't sure if they were still attached to his body.

And then Yunho sped up, his hips snapping violently against his body and Jaejoong saw black dots dancing in front of his vision as his clit got squeezed and rolled and twisted and rubbed between his own body and Yunho's cock.

A low moan escaped his wide-open mouth and then he felt a violent shudder from his head to his toes, his pussy twitching and then tightening, tightening, his thighs around Yunho tensing as he sucked in his stomach, his whole body freezing up -

And then Jaejoong screamed, his hips desperately pressing against Yunho, humping him without any sense, and Yunho cursed and then groaned and roughly slammed the boy against the mirror on the styling table, fingers digging deep into the soft and abused flesh of Jaejoong's tits.

Three minute left.

Firm hands spread Jaejoong's weak thighs apart, the boy only clinging onto Yunho and mewling softly as his pussy was lifted and violated again, the new angle giving Yunho better access for his grand finale.

Yunho groaned, felt his cock swelling in Jaejoong's tight channel and then the boy licked his neck, up to his chin, kissing it, before taking it between his teeth.

"Come Yunho, please fill me up with your cum..."

Yunho groaned, low, long and sustained, cock pulsing against Jaejoong's twitching and wet walls, and then he came, lips locked with Jaejoong's, as his cock spurted load after load inside Jaejoong while he rode out his orgasm, the thick length pushing his cum deep inside Jaejoong.

As he slowly pulled his twitching cock out, it was still dripping cum down onto Jaejoongs body, and the boy smirked against Yunho's lips before he gently cupped Yunho's cock, one hand working up and down the thick length, the other wiping firmly over his own pussy, before he lifted his wet palms to lick them clean.

Yunho groaned at the sight and quickly checked the time.

One minute left.

Jaejoong dressed himself in record time and then dropped to his knees and licked Yunho clean of his cum and pussy fluids, before he kissed the crown and then tucked the tired length back into Yunhos briefs.

Half a minute left.

They kissed on their way out their dressing room, delighted at the taste of their love on their tongues.

Time is up.

Yunho closed the door behind them and licked over his lips, smiling at the sweet taste of vanilla.


FYI: Jaejoong is still a he, he just...has a vagina and boobs. yeah :'D
...twisted, illogical fantasy world of fanfictions. idc if you are confused.

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