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Stand by You 5  
Title: Stand by You
Length: 5/?
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R (still PG this chapter)
Warnings: incest (stepfather-son), underage sex (Jae is 23 years younger. Beware.)
Genre: tragedy, angst, romance
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou
plot by: [livejournal.com profile] zoevo : beware of spoiler!

Yunho got married to Jaejoong’s mother when Jae was 4 and 2 years later, Jae’s mother gave birth to Changmin. Unlike Changmin, a happy and talkative kid, Jaejoong was always quiet but thanks to Yunho and his mother’s love and special attention, he actually felt happy with his 4 member family until Jae was 12 and Changmin was 6, his mother passed away on a car accident.

Seeing his once perfect family broken, Yunho being devastated, Changmin turning silent, Jaejoong decided to get his happy family back by taking his mother’s place in Yunho and Changmin’s life. He did all the things he had seen his mother doing to take good care of Yunho and Changmin, even slipping into his parents’ bedroom and cuddle up with Yunho at night. To Yunho, Jae was a kid who always needed love and extra attention and he loved Jae as his own son. Knowing how depressed and insecure Jae was feeling when losing his mother, he let the kid have his ways.

It’s when Jae was 15 and Yunho started to date again that Jae felt the need to be the actual wife in Yunho’s bed to keep this seemingly perfect family his. beware of spoiler!

"When Jaejoong's father died, it didn't take his mother long to find somebody else to marry. Jung Yunho, 27 years old and at the first glance not a Daddy-person, became the world for the 4 years old Jaejoong. But when his mother died years later in a terrible accident and his small family started to fall apart, Jaejoong promised himself to do everything -everything- to save the happiness of both his little brother Changmin's and his step-father Yunho's. Literally."

Former parts:

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New Part:

Chapter 5:

Stand by You

Mrs Hwang was never mentioned again, but one evening at diner Changmin almost nonchalantly dropped that he had the high honor to share some of his classes with her children.

For a split millisecond Yunho thought about transferring his younger son to a different school, until he saw the arrogant, slightly disparaging smirk on Changmin's lips and the superior and self-assured shimmer in his dark eyes.

Yunho frowned, felt useless, but had to admit to himself that protecting Changmin's tender emotional life would be a waste of energy- especially in Changmin's eyes, since the boy was better at protecting himself than Yunho could ever hope to be.

Swallowing nervously, the older man tried to ignore the plausible assumption that most probably all children in Changmin's class would rather face him, Yunho, scolding them, than an angry and irritated Changmin threatening their precious lives with a wordless glare from his sinister eyes.

Yunho licked his lips and darted his eyes from Changmin's passively his dinner eating body to Jaejoong. Yunho's heart gave a quite painful jerk when his gaze immediately met a pair of big and warm shining eyes. He froze, choked on his sip of water, and the liquid spluttered from his lips on the table and into his soup before he could help it.

From the corner of his eyes he could see Changmin snapping back to attention, a frown forming on his lips, while Jaejoong looked questionably suffocated all of a sudden, before the boy grabbed a napkin and started to dab off droplets of water from around Yunho's stunned mouth.

The sweet act lasted less than five seconds, before Jaejoong's highly into-a-thin-line concentrated lower lip started wobbling -and then the boy burst, his small body convulsing with laughter while his fingers clutched on Yunho's shoulders for balance.

Yunho felt his cheeks heating up as he even heard a tiny noise from Changmin's direction, a muffled hiss of air, sounding suspiciously much like a choked snort.

Yunho pursed his lips, realized too late that he was pouting and Jaejoong was laughing harder, his pale hands dropping the napkin to cover his mouth.

It took the boy almost five minutes to calm down enough to lean back against Yunho tiredly, and the older man smiled and was happy to have a reason to wrap both his arms around Jaejoong's delicate form.

They ate in silence then, the idyllic peace occasionally interrupted by a soft giggle and Jaejoong stayed on Yunho's lap until they finished their dinner.


Neither Yunho, nor Jaejoong had a clue, but Changmin carefully observed them the following weeks.

He watched Yunho's silent eyes following Jaejoong wherever the boy went, watched Jaejoong's now frequent delicate smiles lighting up his pale face, watched how Jaejoong's cheeks blushed a faint pink whenever he watched Yunho without the older man knowing.

He watched Yunho and Jaejoong both smiling in embarrassment whenever their hands brushed, touched or their bodies collided, and at night, Changmin listened to his older brother silently making his way to Yunho's bedroom, where in the early mornings, even before Jaejoong went up to prepare their breakfast, Changmin would find both his brother and father cuddled up together, Jaejoong flat against Yunho's chest, while golden sunlight would silently bath both their peacefully sleeping forms.

Changmin observed them closely, every little interaction, after all he had given his permission for both of them to fall in love.

However falling in love- even with Changmin's permission to do so, seemed not to be that easy for Yunho.

Whenever Jaejoong shyly leaned against the older man when they were sitting in the living room or on their dinner table, and whenever Yunho would lean away from Jaejoong as a reaction to their closeness, not only would Jaejoong pout in dejection but also Changmin - only in sudden and immensly annoyed rage.

Whenever Yunho fought the urge inside of him to close his arms around Jaejoong's body to hold him close, whenever he rejected the young boy, Changmin would grit his teeth at the hurt look crossing his older brother's soft eyes.

Changmin wanted to kick Yunho's ass, wanted to slap that 'it's not right' expression out of his face, but decided on wrapping his tiny arms around his hurt brother instead, his dark eyes shooting a dark and sinister challenge across the room and straight into Yunho's denial-masked face.

The warning in Changmin's eyes was clear, but Changmin wasn't really sure if Yunho understood.

If Yunho didn't give his best to love and make Jaejoong as happy as possible, Changmin would take Jaejoong away from within Yunho's reach. Just like that, and Changmin knew he would be able to.

His arms around his older brother's body, and his lips rubbing up and down Jaejoong's tear-damp cheeks at night, Changmin would hold his brother close, their bodies cuddled together under Changmin's heavy bed covers and the younger one would whisper words of comfort until Jaejoong was able to find some sleep.

There were evenings of faintly glowing happiness, when Yunho would come back early from work to wrap his arms around Jaejoong in the kitchen only to carry the surprised boy into the living room and onto the couch, fingers tickling the anticipating tension out of Jaejoong as he pressed the boy close against his chest.

There were nights in which Yunho would hold Jaejoong close for hours and hours, his fingers running through soft hair, lips caressing the flawless skin of Jaejoong's cold cheeks.

There were small moments of braveness, in which Jaejoong would lean close and steal a soft kiss from his step father's stunned lips.

But most of the time, Yunho would keep a small distance from his older son, and soon not only Jaejoong felt like the rare moments of love and affection had to be paid with a bitter and high price.

The more Yunho gave in to his need to be close to Jaejoong, to hold and love him, the more he tried not to give in the next day.

Frustrated and angry, Changmin watched the soft glow of happiness in his older brother's eye dying down and how the boy became more and more miserable, his body longing and yearning for the rare moments Yunho would touch and notice him.

Changmin watched silently how Jaejoong became a lost puppy living through the day for a few minutes of Yunho's attention, and it made him just as angry as it made him sad.

But then Jaejoong turned fifteen and everything changed.


When he had been small, Jaejoong had always thought that when he'd reach the mature age of sixteen, he'd look beautiful, strong and handsome.

But now, in the early morning of his fifteenth birthday, he looked into a mirror and was still greeted with his ever pale face, swollen eyes and disheveled hair, lips slightly chapped and cherry red (he would try hard to get rid of his nervous habit to chew on them -this year he'd succeed!!!) ...and he hardly swallowed down his disappointment that he hadn't turned into half a super beauty over night.

Time was running and Jaejoong had to admit that with only one more year left until his sixteenth birthday, maybe he wouldn't get the devilish sexy looks he wished for.

The boy pouted, turned sideways and with unhappy eyes checked his belly, his chest, his behind -and then sighed, a blurry image of Mrs. Hwang flashing in front of his eyes, and he helplessly cupped his chest in annoyance, half expecting to find something, half angry with himself that he even thought of expecting something.

More than irritated with himself, Jaejoong turned to leave the bathroom to start working on coffee for Yunho and all their breakfast and lunch boxes.

It took him more than a little while to notice the flickering candle-light in the morning-darkness of the living room, and when he did, his first panicky thought was that their house was burning down and he rushed into the living room with clear horror written over his face.

-Right into Yunho's outstretched arms.

Jaejoong gave a surprised little shriek, and then his cheeks turned into a deep pink as he heard Changmin laugh and Yunho chuckle in amusement. He instantly felt his lips pout and he struggled against the urge to bite down on them when he looked up at Yunho's grinning face.

“Awwww...don't do that, baby Jae.” His stepfather pulled on his pouting lower lip with the tip of his fingers and then rubbed the soft flesh carefully between his thumb an index.

Jaejoong instantly could feel his lower lip pouting between Yunho's digints and he blushed an even richer shade of pink when his stepfather's mouth opened to shower him with laughter.

More embarrassed than annoyed, Jaejoong freed himself from Yunho's arms only to stop in his tracks and cuddle close again. He pouted, gave in to his urge to bite down on his lower lip and then rubbed his face against Yunho's shirt, waiting for his cheeks to cool down before he carefully looked back at his family again.

Changmin looked very much like he was three seconds away to throw something snarky into the room and Jaejoong tried his best to get himself mentally ready for the verbal attack, but to his immense surprise he saw his brother swallowing down whatever nasty remark he had dancing on the tip of his tongue, before the boy grimaced and smiled at him.

Oh, Jaejoong blinked, right. His birthday.

He had to grin a little as he saw Changmin suffering through his generousness of holding back his sharp tongue, but he just was obliged to be nice to his older brother all day long -and Jaejoong knew he'd hear every little thing Changmin held back today the second they passed midnight.

Someone was tugging on his right earlobe and Jaejoong turned with a hardly suppressed smile to face Yunho.

The older man was looking down at him with warm eyes, before his arms closed around Jaejoong's frail body to lift him up and against his chest, a wet kiss finding its way on the skin of the boy's smooth cheek, before Yunho whispered a low “Happy Birthday, baby Jae.” into Jaejoong's rapidly blushing ear.

“Yeah, Happy Birthday, baby Jae-” Changmin rather rudely butted in, before he pulled Jaejoong back down to the ground to hop on his brother's back. Jaejoong gave a surprised gasp-groan, something which sounded much like ”Ouuuff!” before his upper body bent over under Changmin's weight.

They both screamed like little girls when Jaejoong lost balance, and only thanks to Yunho's quick reflexes they did not end up on the floor, although they fell backwards upon the couch, a pile of confused bodies which instantly erupted into happy laughter as soon as they got over their small shock.

Lying there, on Yunho's laughter-vibrating chest and with half of Changmin's body flung over his own, Jaejoong closed his eyes in happiness and felt good and warm as their entwined bodies were bathed in the thick golden rays of the newly arisen morning sun. One of Yunho's warm and big hands found its way to his hair and Jaejoong made a pleased little sound and closed his eyes as he felt those gentle fingers running through his locks.

He did not even notice that he was about to doze off until one of Changmin's small but vicious feet pressed against one of his ass cheeks, neatly pressing against it, before digging his toes inside his flesh. Jaejoong blinked and then groaned and tried to squirm away, but Changmin's foot only followed his body until Jaejoong squirmed and turned in Yunho's arms and pouted at his younger brother.

Changmin visibly swallowed down another haughty comment, before he rolled with his eyes and pulled his brother up into a sitting position.

“You don't wanna see your presents?”

Jaejoong blinked at this and then pretty quickly hid his embarrassment at the thought that a little moment of happiness spend lazily laying with the two of them in the sun had been enough of a present. However, who was he to refuse material gifts.

With excitement pink-colored cheeks he willingly sat up, felt Yunho doing the same behind him and he comfortably leaned back against his stepfather's warmth, while a strong arm sneaked its way around his tiny waist.

Jaejoong's eyes were round with anticipation and then Changmin got up from the couch, walked across the candle lit living room -Jaejoong only noticed now that there were candles and a very lovely cake in the middle of their small living room table- and grabbed a small and pink and rosé wrapped package only to throw it into his older brother's lap.

Jaejoong exhaled loudly from his nose when that innocent little thing actually pretty viciously hit his hipbone with a nasty hurting weight, but he did not say anything, only watched Changmin's cheeks coloring up as the boy hurriedly turned his older brother and father his back, not willing to watch Jaejoong unwrapping his gift.

Changmin was difficult with emotions and showing his affection for someone -even his family- was...hard for him. Jaejoong knew that and therefore quietly opened his present, breath hitching when he found the beautiful cover of a collection-book of foreign fairy tales in his hands.

The book was bound in heavy leather, golden letters engraved into the material. There was a small sketch of a tiny fairy on the right bottom corner of the cover, and Jaejoong felt his heart strangely swelling when he felt the love and thoughts Changmin had put into this gift.

Carefully he climbed off from Yunho's lap and silently made his way to Changmin, the precious book tightly in his hands as he slowly turned Changmin around, his eyes already soft and blurry with tears when he embraced his little brother, who only tensed for a split second, before he gently wrapped his arms around his fragile brother too.

“Thank you.” Jaejoong choked out, voice not more than a whisper. But Changmin understood and with blushing cheeks tried to comfort his older brother, who was obviously lost in happy- and thankfulness.

“It's perfect, Changmin. Thank you...” He softly breathed out, eyes still a bit watery as he carefully pulled back from his little brother.

Changmin looked up into the flushed face of his older brother, saw his big and round eyes shimmering with love, how his lips still trembled at the effort not to cry in earnest and somehow he wished that he could bring Jaejoong this happiness every day, not only once a year with the help of a small fairy tale book.

Unsure of how to react and feeling utterly helpless all of a sudden, he gently took Jaejoong's hand and pulled him back to Yunho, who had watched them silently, but with his eyes soft and gentle at their awkward exchange of affection.

Changmin only noticed his brother nervously tensing up as the small hand in his twitched and tightened, seeking support as they neared their father. He shot Jaejoong an irritated look, but the older boy was not looking back at him, eyes solely upon Yunho and Changmin could see his older brother's cheeks blushing back to deep pink again.

Why Jaejoong was feeling uneasy while he so clearly was happy and in love at the same time was totally beyond Changmin, but then again he was the emotionally incapable of the family so maybe that wasn't such a big surprise. Something that indeed was a surprise though, was Jaejoong slipping his hand out of his younger brother's tight grip and stopping on his way to Yunho a mere meter in front of said man.

Changmin saw his older brother chewing on his bottom lip, mind clearly somewhere else while his fine brows slowly furrowed. 'A penny for your thoughts, brother' but he resisted teasing Jaejoong and only nudged the boy forward to their irritated father, who was quick to catch the dazed and stumbling boy with his outstretched arms.

“Jae...” Their father chuckled -and Changmin felt annoyance rising up at the thought that Yunho was allowed to tease and snark as much as he wanted, even on Jaejoong's special day, because...well because he was Yunho and Yunho most certainly was allowed and forgiven everything.

He blinked when he realized that he was jealous, and while he tried to swallow down his irritation he almost missed the second part of his father's sentence.

“...where are you wandering off in your head again, hmn?” Yunho kissed the top of Jaejoong's head and pulled the blushing boy up to his lap.

Changmin thought that Jaejoong looked pretty much like he wanted to slap himself.

Since he was jealous and felt unfairly treated anyways, he did his older brother the favor to press his small feet back against Jaejoong's ass only to push. He was kind of crept out with himself when he felt satisfaction tickling down his spine as both Jaejoong and Yunho shot him a confused look, Jaejoong's kind of bordering on insecurity.

Changmin faked a yawn and then dived onto the couch, lazily rolling onto his back beside his father and older brother. He watched them looking down at him from the corner of his eyes.

Yunho softly cleared his throat and then immediately smiled down at Jaejoong as the boy turned his head back to Yunho as a reaction to the tiny noise. Changmin watched his older brother pressing closer to Yunho, clear happiness back in his eyes as he sighed in content and carefully cupped Yunho's face with his pale hands.

“I was here the entire time, Yunho...” he heard his brother whisper against Yunho's lips, and Changmin turned on his stomach with a small disgusted sound before he could help it, not willing to witness the intimate act of love unfolding in front of his innocent eyes.

He heard both Yunho and Jaejoong chuckle and giggle and decided that maybe it was time for him to leave and deep-dive back into his own bed before he was supposed to get up for school. So he fake-yawned again, not bothering for any more explanations, before he got up and strolled out the living room.

He made sure not to look back at the pair of lovers on his way out.


When Jaejoong entered the classroom with his bangs purposefully falling to hide his face and when red-rimmed eyes glanced at Yoochun for a split second, before they quickly dropped to the ground again, when Jaejoong soundlessly sat down on his seat, lips swollen from biting them too much and one single tear rolled down his pale cheeks, that was when Yoochun knew something was terribly terribly wrong.

He thanked god that it was still fifteen minutes before the actual start of their morning class and immediately sat down on Jaejoong's desk, before he carefully reached out for the boy and lifted his face. For a split second he helplessly wondered why the boy would cry like this on his birthday of all days, but then Jaejoong flinched under his touch and Yoochun froze in earnest concern.

“Jae...?” He quietly asked, eyes full of worry as he saw how sad and hurt his best friend looked, how badly he tried to hold back the tears. Yoochun quickly calculated their options, kind of gave a barely visible shrug and then quickly pulled Jaejoong out of the classroom and up to the roof, before either the boy could protest or a teacher could see and hinder them.

He only stopped when the door to the stairway closed behind them and when he had pulled Jaejoong into the safe secrecy of the dark shadow of the gigantic water-tank at the far northern end of the roof.

They both quietly settled down on the ground and after a while Jaejoong reached out for Yoochun's hand, his small form pressing against his best friend's not really less scrawnier one. Yoochun only hesitated a small moment, before he carefully wrapped one arm around his upset friend.

“Happy Birthday, Jae...” Yoochun then whispered, because he did not know how else to break the silence.

Jaejoong flinched again, and then carefully shifted on his behind until his head tiredly lay upon Yoochun's shoulder.

“Thank you...” He quietly said, before he sighed and leaned closer to his best friend.

Yoochun waited for another small moment, but then he tightened his grip around his fragile friend's body and urged him to look up at him.

“Okay, Jae. Tell me what made you cry or I'll go crazy.” It felt good to see Jaejoong smile as soon as he finished his sentence and Yoochun softly smiled back at his friend, patiently waiting while Jaejoong tried to find the right words.

“It's...my birthday...” He then finally breathed out, and Yoochun silently waited for him to continue. “It's my birthday and I thought that maybe...” Jaejoong bit down on his full lower lip and quickly glanced up at Yoochun before he blushed with unhappy eyes. “I thought that Yunho would maybe...you know? Act differently around me from now on because...” Yoochun watched Jaejoong's blush deepening and tried his best to push away his paranoia when it came to the unhealthy relationship between his best friend and his step-father as far away as possible.

“...because?” He asked with a rather faint voice, not really sure if he wanted to know why Jaejoong hoped to be treated differently by his step-dad.

“...because...” Jaejoong closed his eyes and swallowed, before he continued. “...because I am not a kid anymore...” he whispered and then hurriedly hid behind the safety of his bangs, head turning down and away from Yoochun as if he was too embarrassed to face him.

Yoochun needed a moment to kick off the new waves of paranoia trying to suffocate him, but when he cleared his mind he was able to understand the main problem.

“So you're upset because...Yunho treats you like a kid?” He slowly asked, trying his best not to let Jaejoong know that he found this stupid little fact a rather ridiculous reason to come to school with tear-swollen eyes. But then again his best friend was so very very sensitive...his emotional inside was always so tender and vulnerable, and looking back on their friendship, there had been actually enough more minor reasons which had upset Jaejoong beyond Yoochun's understanding.

“He gave me a teddy bear, Chunnie...” Jaejoong softly whispered, and Yoochun rolled his eyes and hardly suppressed a snort at the mental image of Mr Jung Yunho selecting one out of hundreds of cutesy teddies in a huge department store.

He bet the teddy he gave Jaejoong was pink, with an adorable little bow on its head, and he almost choked on his suppressed scoff this time, because...really? Who the hell gave teddies as a gift to a fifteen year old boy -even if that one certain boy was cute and frail and delicate, Yoochun added after a quick glance at his upset friend.

“And you expected to get something else...?” Yoochun assumed compassionately, remembering his own last birthday he had hoped to get a cellphone, but had been surprised with books about the American history instead. Parents just failed major at times.

“Well I...no, actually...no.” Jaejoong took a shuddering intake of air and Yoochun was surprised to notice that the boy tried his best to hold back his tears again.

“I just had hoped that Yunho would...see me in a different light. But I guess I am still a little kid to him...” he ended bitterly and finally Yoochun understood the whole drama completely.

Jaejoong was sick to be treated like a little kid. Yoochun could so feel him.

He stood up abruptly, in fact so surprisingly abruptly than Jaejoong totally landed flat on the ground with a low groan, but for the first time Yoochun was way too excited to care. He grinned down at his best friend who looked up at him with wondering eyes and a pout on his lips, and Yoochun quickly helped the boy up, one arm seductively sneaking its way around Jaejoong's narrow hips.

“You know, dear best friend mine...” he breathed into Jaejoong's ear huskily without caring for the irritated look he earned for it. “We could always force Yunho to accept that you no longer are his cute little baby Jae...”

Round round wondering eyes looked up at Yoochun, and the boy laughed and playfully pulled his best friend with him.

“Common Jae, I just had the best idea ever!”


Jaejoong stood nervously in his kitchen, cooking-chopsticks scraping over the hot metal of the frying pan, while he mindlessly turned and swayed the meat in it.

The sizzling sound was not as calming as it usually was at any other evening and for the hundredth time his nervous fingers found their way up to his hair to play with the ends.

Jaejoong waited for Yunho to come back home from work, but at the same time he kind of fearfully anticipated the moment the older man would see him. He blushed at the many many possibilities of reactions the older man could have tough, but was actually happy imagining them -all of them ending with Yunho wrapping his warm arms around his small body, lifting him up for a kiss and whispering into his ear how absolutely stunning he was looking.

Jaejoong gave a happy little sigh, turned the meat in his pan again and on autopilot added the marinade before he reached out for the neatly cut vegetables. The rice was ready, the content in the pan happily cooking on its own, his birthday-cake from this morning was neatly cut and awaiting dessert time in the fridge, and the table was set and ready. Now only Yunho was missing, before he could call Changmin downstairs for their dinner.

Nervous hands reached out for his hair-ends again and Jaejoong only snapped out from his trance while tugging on them when he heard the front door to their home opening.

His eyes widened in shock, and he took a deep breath, pathetically sounding like an ugly gulp, before he forced himself to calm down and to walk to their hallway to greet Yunho. In his haste he forgot to turn down the heat under the pan, but he was way too excited to really care.

He watched with nervous eyes how Yunho slipped of his shoes, keys in his one hand, the other loosening the tie around his neck, body bent forward to reach his laces.

With his heart loudly pounding out his body he tried his best to swallow down his uneasiness and then breathed out a faint: “Hi, Yunho...”

The moment Yunho looked up at him with a warm smile on his lips only to freeze with his eyes widening in shock as he took in Jaejoong's newly light-brown bleached hair, the moment his gentle eyes turned blank and then angry in the blink of an eye, the moment he dropped his keys and walked the three steps to his son in record time, that was when Jaejoong knew that Yoochun had been wrong, so very very wrong about the ”taking matters into their own hands” thing, and that Yunho's reaction would most certainly not be a very pleasant one.

For the first time in his life, Jaejoong took an instinctive step back when his step-father's hands reached out for him, and he winced as soon as Yunho grabbed him and roughly forced him to look up at him.

The older man's eyes were angry, no hint of a smile on his lips anymore and Jaejoong shuddered, anxiousness clenching his chest painfully when he quickly avoided Yunho's burning gaze. From somewhere at the back of his numbed senses he smelled the dinner dangerously reaching a burning point, but he barely really noticed.

“What the hell is this?” Yunho's voice was so low, so dangerous, it cut through the tense atmosphere of their hallway like sharpened ice.

Angry hands grabbed his bleached locks, and Jaejoong was lucky that the rage in his step-father's voice alone had paralyzed him enough than to get any more shocked from the way Yunho painfully pulled on his hair.

He only cried out in surprise when his head was forced backwards with a more angry than hurting jerk and his pale hands weakly reached out for Yunho's hand, wordlessly begging him to let go.

“Yunho...please...” He silently begged, still too shocked than to say anything else, but his step-father only made a loud and irritated sound, which immediately made Jaejoong completely giving up his weak defense, eyes now burning with the pressure of still unshed tears.

What the hell did you do to your hair- who did this to you?

Jaejoong's wide open eyes now dripped with tears while his pale face lost all its remaining colour as soon as Yunho screamed at him in nothing but pure rage. He was unable to answer, unable to move, completely frozen in Yunhos hurting grip and he felt dread churning his insides when he felt, when he knew instinctively what would happen next.

He saw Yunho gritting his teeth as a reaction to his silence, saw the burning flames of rage passing his step-father's ever gentle eyes and then his own round and shock-widened eyes followed Yunho's unoccupied hand up into the air, before he winced in sudden realization at the last possible second, right when Yunho's palm snapped up with his cheek, jerking his head sideways with the force of the blow.

For a terribly stretched moment everything around Jaejoong froze as the burning, throbbing, searing pain from his cheek shot up to his brain to make him realize that his stepfather- that his Yunho had hit him.

'Yunho slapped me'.

And then everything crashed down on him at once: Yunho's heavy breathing, Changmin running down the stairs in panic, the suffocating scent of their burnt dinner, his own blood rushing loudly through his veins, pulsating in his ears.

With dazed eyes and through a blurry vision Jaejoong looked up at his step-father, body numb as he watched the older man realizing what he had done to his son just now.

Hard hands let go of Jaejoong's motionless body, and the boy fell lifelessly on the floor, large eyes still directed upon his step-father, who looked like he was about to either lose it or run away.

It was the latter Yunho decided on doing and even in his numbed and shocked state, Jaejoong was rather thankful for it.

Palepale and trembling hands slowly lifted up to the ends of his newly light-brown bleached hair, and he pulled on them until he felt like he was about to rip his locks out.

It were Changmin's determined and firm little hands who gently, but stubbornly pulled his strands out of his tightly clenched fingers.

Jaejoong leaned into his strong little brother's small body, blankly listening to the sobs he swallowed down, but which echoed in his head until he calmed down again. Changmin held him close, wordlessly comforting him through his shock and anguish, gently helping him up when he started to feel his body again.

Changmin wordlessly led them to their dinning table, sat him down on his chair and then made his way to the kitchen to turn down the flames under the hopelessly burnt pan. He only bothered as much as it took to nudge the pan away from the still hot plate and then generously took the few seconds to open the kitchen window too. But then he turned to the fridge, pulled out his brother's strawberry birthday-cake and silently made his way back to Jaejoong.

They sat in silence while Changmin served them both two grand slices of the sugary sweetness, they sat in silence while they ate and they silently washed their dishes, before they wordlessly made their way to the front door and out of their house.

Changmin led his apathetic brother to a drugstore where they searched and quickly found black hair-dye.


By the time Yunho carefully slid underneath his heavy duvets, Jaejoong's hair was back to a shining black and looked just as it had this morning, which seemed like a million years ago, when he had kissed the blushing boy hello to celebrate the beginning of his birthday.

Yunho wordlessly closed his arms around Jaejoong's small body and pulled the boy closer to himself, lips kissing the top of the black mass of hair, before his eyes fluttered close to find sleep.

But they both lay in silence for hours, lost in their thoughts, while their bodies warmed up under their heavy bed covers.


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[EDIT]: because I feel like some people will think I'm a fucking hell bitch
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might be- is wrong and detestable. Yunho clearly overreacts, and that my adorable sweet
little YunJae-fellows, is the point in this chapter.

that's all :'D

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