05 April 2011 @ 08:03 am
Title: 1234567890
Length: drabble
Pairing: HoMin, JaeHo
Rating: G
Warnings: Jae-Min body switch :'D
Genre: crack, fun
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

“Fucking hell, but yeah

A/N: not sure how many of you read and saw this already lol-
I wrote this on my phone back in Seoul and posted it for april fools
on detox :'D


It's easy to count to ten -especially when you are brains and legs -but especially brains like Shim Changmin.

It's not that easy when you find yourself not being Shim Changmin all of a sudden, a buzzing hangover at the back of your mind from yesterday's excessive heavy drinking and irritation high when the face greeting you back from the mirror is not your own.

Changmin groaned when he got up and stared at Jaejoong's pretty face groaning with him, mimicking his every move and twitch, and Changmin felt a major headache nearing when he heard Yunho call for him -both Changmin and Jaejoong from outside his room.

He reluctantly averted his eyes from the mirror, banning the snarking voice in his head which remarked that "great, I thought body-switching was only a secret garden thing-" away while he searched for his -no Jaejoong's- underwear.

He wasn't sure how to explain this -especially to Yunho, since Changmin guessed the fearless leader wouldn't be too thrilled to have him inside his lover- not that Jaejoong wouldn't mind that fact himself.

Speaking of which...where the he'll was Jae when he, Changmin was in Jaejoong's body?

Another major headache arching up his spine and then Changmin gave a fuck and dressed and went out his room -Jaejoong's room.

He only thought about the possibilities he suddenly had when he carefully sat down beside Yunho who immediately latched onto his surprised lips.

Fucking hell, and here he was supposed to be the brains of his idiot troop.

Another kiss, and then another, and Changmin lost himself in the feel of Yunho's lips against his own. Just when he was about to sneak his tongue past his leader's fleshy lips, his, Changmin's room-door flew open and someone who pretty much looked like him, but unmistakably had Jaejoong's special way of showing disgust written all over the facial features punched them apart from each other.

Thinking around the pain, Changmin thought that Yunho's face looked pricelessly dumb, before to his utter horror his body -Changmin- pinned Yunho down to kiss him the most possessive way possible.

This was getting complicated and thankfully Changmin felt the after blow of the punch knocking him out.


He woke up in his room, in his own body, but with possibly the most swollen pair of lips in his life.

Humming to himself, lost in his thoughts, he checked the time and date out of habit and then groaned. April 1st. What the fucking hell, now even evil powers liked to mess with him.

Pouting, Changmin leaned back in his bed, tongue running over his lower lip. A small smirk spread over his lips when he tasted Yunho on the tip of his tongue.

Whatever. At least back in his body he was able to count to ten again.

Changmin closed his eyes and started counting.





A/N: happy (and very belated) april fools, gals :D

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