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Title: Find Me
Length: 4a/5
Pairing: MinJae, YooSu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vampire, slavery, underage-sex, rape, abuse, violence, gore, blood
Genre: horror, violence, tragedy, dark angst, taboo-themes
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: “They all took a collective deep breath as well as a careful step backwards. No one was asking aloud what everyone was thinking, they all wanted to open the cube. Another breath was taken, and then a dozen hands reached out for the top edge, fingernails digging into the hard stony surface and they pulled, pulled with all their might, the omnipresent crushing sound of the borer swallowing up the disturbingly high screeches of the cover-plate scraping along grooves on the inside of the cube, as it slowly slid open.”

Former parts:

Chapter 1: (A/B)
Chapter 2: (A/B)
Chapter 3: (A/B)

Find me

It was a mere coincidence.

Jaejoong's salvation from the eternal darkness was actually nothing more than a beyond bewildered team of tunnel- workers finding a strangely shaped abnormality on their borer's way through the section of massive soil for the new underground-train tunnel they were supposed to work on that day.

One moment everything was normal, just as every other day of the two years they already were working on the endless tunnel, and the next second the screens of their sensor devices flickered with static and a high and displeased warning bell echoed off the low tunnel walls, before the screens flashed the outlines of an abnormal, strangely cubic-shaped...something, which promptly found its inked way on their constantly printed control measurement records.

Stopping the borer was not an option, since every second the gigantic machine wasn't running was costing the construction firm a fortune, so the construction management quickly decided to dodge the mysterious abnormality, taking advantage of the two meters of playroom the tunnel was allowed to tilt left or right.

However, the sensitive lasers were too late, disturbed by strange static, whose source -which they came to learn later- the abnormality seemed to be, to draw a clear picture of the sheer enormous magnitude of the cube-shaped thing.

Another warning bell screamed in panic- but it was too late, and the borer scraped one of the six more or less even walls of that huge stony cube, which their machines had tried to warn them of just minutes before, with an earsplitting screech.

The sound was barely audible under the steady hum of the borer, the still ringing warning bell and all the other noises most of the workers had learned to blend out, but the construction management screamed, shouted out their frantic orders via headset, until some of the workers, with their eyes wide in disbelieve, hurried to stop the borer in order not to damage it further.

The gigantic machine jerked, before it stopped, coming to a halt with a low and sustained, shuddering sigh.

In the now more or less silent tunnel the workers started to shout confusedly, some running to the borer's front to inspect the abnormality it crashed against, but most of the men not even understanding the situation, only wondering about the halt in work.

The construction management hurried to make their way to the front though, pushing through the still confused men, until they were at the borer's front, inspecting the hard and stony surface of the cube-shaped abnormality in front of them.

It was hard to tell if they were facing a cube or not actually, since most of it was still hidden in the dark soil, away form their narrowed eyes, but what made one of the workers eyebrows furrow with confusion were the small, barely noticeable engravings in the stony surface.

Light was ordered, and then fingers gently traced the shallow grooves of foreign letters, the men not sure if they had ever seen something like that before.

The decision to bare the strange cube from the soil lay within the construction management, but somehow it was as if there was a slight pull on their bodies, a silent whisper in their minds, not really leaving them an option than moving their bodies as if under a soundless spell.

Patiently they dug around the cube carefully, exposing more and more stony surface covered with deep-carved runes.

The workers needed more than a day to only lay open the stony end which the borer had scraped, and by the time the men started to work on the still hidden sites, someone on the surface noticed the stopped borer and that no one was melding back and updated the improvement of the tunnel.

It was a matter of minutes until the first investigation team arrived in the tunnel under the earth, and just a few more hours later until a team of archaeological specialists worked on the cube, while the borer was back to its humming rhythm.

Slowly the cube was freed from its prison deep under the earth, until it lay completely free, a gigantic block of massive stone with alien runes all over it.

The archaeological team stood shock-stunned in front of their discovery, all of them convinced that they had never seen anything like this before in their lives.

It took them a while until they discovered that the cube was not entirely out of one block of stone, but when they noticed that the top edge had a long, horizontal fissure and when they traced the long and asymmetric line with their glove-covered fingertips, they understood with stunned eyes that the top plate was a stony cover, a lock or in combination with the strange runes more of an ancient seal maybe...which they were actually able to pull out!

Upon this discovery there was a moment of utter silence among the archaeological team. If this cube was locked and sealed, then that meant that there was something inside of it.

They all took a collective deep breath as well as a careful step backwards. No one was asking aloud what everyone was thinking, they all wanted to open the cube. Another breath was taken, and then a dozen hands reached out for the top edge, fingernails digging into the hard stony surface and they pulled, pulled with all their might, the omnipresent crushing sound of the borer swallowing up the disturbingly high screeches of the cover-plate scraping along grooves on the inside of the cube, as it slowly slid open.

Slowly, so agonizingly slowly the heavy plate slid along and opened the top of the cube to the excited eyes of the archaeological team. There was no sound, no change in the air or fume coming out of the tiny gap they managed to create with their pulling, and nothing really changed when they pulled the gap wider open, but...it was as if something sucked their stomachs in the direction of the cube, as if a hook was pulling from under their navel, leaving a slightly pulsing, itching feeling behind. It was as if their vision, their breathing, their hearing...air itself convulsed, imploded, ...as if the universe slipped sideways for a split second, the center of everything concentrating on that mysterious cube for a heartbeat, before the implosion turned into a soundless explosion, the air pulsing violently around the gasping team.

They pulled the cover half open, afraid that if they pulled it out completely, they wouldn't be able to lift it back anymore. A small moment without any movement passed, and then the archaeological team stepped forward and looked inside the tiny hollow inside of the cube.


Jaejoong jolted and heard a voice calling out his name, and the omnipresent, bleak haze of darkness swirled in disturbed circles around his floating mind.


Somewhere, a gasping Changmin jerked awake with intense and searing pain shooting through his body out of nowhere.


The mummy which the archaeological team found shrunken and withered inside the cube was maybe the millennium's most phenomenal accidental discovery.

The team of archaeological experts was experienced enough to understand the value of their discovery with one glance, and it took them only a few phone calls and then some more hours to have a gigantic investigation team down in the tunnel.

With the new teams came the high-sensible measurement machines, optimal lightening stations, which flooded the whole tunnel with filtered light and huge semi-permeable tent-planes, which they draped all around the cube and its precious contents and which made sure that the air inside the safety of those flexible walls was a dry and perfect surrounding for the easily damaged and vulnerable skin-structure of the mummy.

Several teams worked frantically on both the cube and the mummy, enthusiasm so thick in the air that even the few left-over workers on the tunnel got high on it.

The first estimates of the mummy's age were a shocking sensation to everyone, its age reaching more millenniums back than the scientists knew from recent studies humankind to exist.

Age of death and its gender were impossible to tell just as the way how it had found its death in this cube
so many many millenniums ago. Theories and speculations rose left and right though, and every important institution of the world sent their best scientists to the place of the mummy's discovery. The found of something which was so entirely shaking the manifested believes of every scientist in the world was attracting everyone in an intense and entrancing way.

-Until someone decided to estimate the mummy's age again and noticed that it was actually only a few thousand years old instead of the millenniums the first team had stated it to be.

The original team, which was responsible for the first estimates, was more than embarrassed as their spectacular found of evidence that human history reached further back than anyone had ever thought, was reduced to a simple, yet still awesome, found of another mummy among the known history of humankind.

Embarrassed, but stubbornly convinced that they had estimated the mummy's age correctly the first time they had run tests on it, the frustrated team was adamant to determinedly run another test on their own to convince themselves that they had been wrong the first time they had tested the mummy.

Wish granted and with the best equipment possible, the results of the next test were even more devastating than the ones from before, the mummy's age now hardy reaching back a few thousand years.

It took the disappointed team about half a day and countless more tests to notice that something wasn't right with the steadily changing results, and then another half a day before anyone spoke out what everyone was trying to ignore and not think about.

The thought of a shriveled and withered and dead mummy aging backwards was just so ridiculous and wrong and also so impossible, so against all rules of science and nature itself that no one dared to speak out loud the undeniable thoughts and speculations.

Until the truth of the unimaginable was too obvious to ignore anymore.

Another day passed, and the mummy's skin and bone structure had changed too much to plainly ignore it. So a sensor was carefully, but surprisingly rather reluctantly, placed upon the mummy's sunken chest, and in front of the bewildered teams' shock-widening eyes the sensitive sensors recorded a faint heartbeat, a pulse so frail and inconstant that they would have missed it if it weren't for the sensor patiently waiting for a new impulse to record down.

After the scientists overcame their collective shock, even more equipment was carefully placed all around the stony cube and its mysterious contents. With the patience only obedient machines had, computers recorded every heartbeat, every ever so slight falling and rising of the mummy's chest with minimal, barely visible intakes of air.

Most of the scientist accepted what they saw with their own eyes, but they did not understand. It was not possible to understand- Their brains, their knowledge of the laws of nature, of the world, the universe...did not allow them to really understand.

But the gravity of their discovery was clear: A once dead and withered mummy was alive. It was breathing and apparently regenerating.

It was against everything they know, it was against everything they believed in, but they just accepted the illogical things happening in front of their very own eyes as what they were: illogical, completely impossible. But happening.

It took their nation's military intelligence service, which was informed by an insider in one of the archaeological teams, to really open all their eyes. The military immediately took over the whole situation and evacuated the tunnel as a top secret danger zone. Only then did the speechless and indignant and suddenly left- and kicked-out scientists started to understand, to really understand, that the mummy most probably wasn't human.


It was impossible to carry the cube and its living mummy up into one of the laboratories of the secret service, so the investigation team and scientists working for the nation's interests build a whole lab around the cube and its alien occupant.

Huge plates of bullet-proof glass and unbreakable metal were build around the the cube, everything as fast and precisely as possible and with heavily armed teams of the national security controlling the process. Those men were ordered to kill, to destroy the alien creature in the cube should it give any reason to, and the air in the tunnel was tense and anxious with uneasy anticipation.

The mummy though, breathed motionlessly through another week while the world around it started to prepare for the moment it would finish its obvious regenerative process. Patient sensors still recorded every second of its peaceful sleep and every half an hour teams of scientists compared the new status records and results. Prognoses were made, computer calculated data, hundred of lists were printed.

And one day the scientists weren't able to call the alien creature in the cube a “mummy” anymore.

Its skin was still a bit dry, still crumbled here and there, there still was the prominent bone structure pressing through the thin layers of skin, and the whole thing still looked more dead than alive, but the creature looked...younger, fresher.

In the time span of a mere week the color of its skin lightened up until it reached a pale tone, and when soft and light brown locks started to grow out of the swelling skin around its skull a few days later, its skin had melted into a flawless alabaster.

The teams in the tunnel couldn't really see it happening, since the “mummy” had its face hidden in the security of its ancient arms, but dry lips blossomed to a full and rosy pout, two fine arcs of eyebrows grew over closed lids, framed with dark and lush lashes, a perfectly straight line of a nose arched off the small and flawless face, and even though the creature's soft hair fell in gentle locks around its hidden face, the stunned scientists were now able to tell its sex all of a sudden.

The alien creature -the boy- as all scientists were sure that the creature -apart from its actual unmeasurable age- looked like a child of nothing more than maybe thirteen human years, was bare after all, no clothes hindering the scientists' eyes to gaze over pale and perfect skin, soft curves and petite limbs, and finally its genitalia.

Another day passed, and the fine sensor of one of the countless computers all around the tunnel gave a high shrill, signaling everyone already rushing to the printers that the regenerative process of the boy had slowed down all of a sudden.

The scientists shared a quick and nervous glance, but it didn't take a genius to understand that most probably their once upon a time mummy had reached the end of its regenerative phase.

Wordlessly and with the armed specialists of the army surrounding them, they stood in front of the tiny gab between the bullet proof glass plates, which surrounded all of the four sites of the cube. They watched the motionless body breathing.

And then the boy made a small sound, hundred times recorded with the computers around them, and he moved his fine bones -nothing more than a twitch of his fingers- but oh god, the dead mummy from half a month ago moved its fingers.

Another minimal sound, a collective hold of breath, and then the boy moved his body in the now too small hollow space of the cube.

No sound, no other movement than the tiny boy's shuddering body- but the scientists and the armed group of military specialists felt their insides freezing and their hearts clenching painfully at the sight of the boy's motionless face.

A moment spent in utterly fascinated silence stretched and twisted into eternity and then mouths fell open, ball-pens were dropped and guns lowered as they all stared speechlessly at the most beautiful face all of them, every single one of them, had ever seen.


Later, when the once-mummy-now-boy was already moved to the nation's military intelligence service's laboratories, no one was able to say how long exactly they all had stood with their eyes and mouths wide open, unable to move while staring at the beautiful boy laying motionlessly inside the cube.

The boy had moved several times, through never more than a slight twitching of his pale and flawless limbs.

The once shriveled and sunken face they all had stared at, had been a face of such pure angelic beauty, of almost agonizingly utter perfection that even the trained men from the army had found themselves unable to point their weapons towards the boy, or even move a finger actually.

It had taken a nervous surface-team, which had been more than uneasy as it hadn't gotten any reply to their constant safety-calls down into the tunnel to check upon all the stunned men, before anyone had been able to move again. Reluctantly they had preyed their eyes away from the beautiful boy behind the bullet proof glass and then had blinked, wonder in their eyes when they had snapped out of their trance and found their way back into reality.

The team of scientists and military had recovered quickly from their daze though. Calls had been made, preparations arranged and then the unconscious, frail boy had been carefully, so carefully lifted into one of the former heavily armed men shuddering arms and then back down onto a security-barren.

There had been no weapons nervously pointed towards the motionless boy. Somehow everyone had been utterly and without a doubt sure that this boy was absolutely harmless.

So the team in the tunnel collectively had held their breath as strong arms had closed around the pale body, and the man who had been slowly lifting up the beautiful boy into his arms, had actually closed his eyes, a small sound of delighted pleasure escaping his lips, as his bare hands had touched the boy's soft skin.

Carefully the boy was carried out the cube, past the thick glass surrounding it, and a collective sight breathed through the tunnel, eyes fluttering shut and hearts subtly beating faster when a faint yet calming, utterly alluring and intoxicating scent slowly floated through the clammy air, embracing the people motionlessly staring at the beautiful boy.

In his sleep, the boy moaned softly and the small sound vibrated through the air, spell-binding everyone for a heartbeat.

A moment passed, and then there was movement again, the teams snapping out of their short trance when the boy was quickly transported out of the tunnel and up into the secret service facilities.

All eyes followed the frail body on his way out of the tunnel, throats tightening while swallowing down desire, chests clenching with a yearning no one could explain, hands balling to fist to prevent them from reaching out for that beautiful boy.


Up in the facilities, in a sound- and escape-proof laboratory in the basement of the heavily armed secret service, the boy was carefully lowered on a bed, a team of scientists already awaiting the motionless body and immediately connecting the boy to control-machines and sensors. The room was under video surveillance and behind a wall of mirrored glass where another team of scientists as well as a small number of armed men were controlling every movement in the room.

Preparations set in place, everyone only waited for the boy to wake up, for the beautiful eyes to flutter open, but the small body was sleeping peacefully, never waking up, petite fingers only twitching to faint impulses, soft noises slipping past lush lips every now and then -but other than that, the boy was not responding.

Days passed, and then weeks, and after months of empty observing the highly expectant team of scientists had decreased into a sole pair of two silent doctors, who did little more than watch the beautiful boy inside the laboratories.

Dr. Lee, a silent man with gentle eyes and Dr. Reid, a woman with an intense but suppressed wish to have a baby, belonged both to the original team of specialists the nation's military intelligence service had send down in the tunnel. So both of them had waited by far the longest time out of all scientists ever assigned to tend the boy, for the frail body to wake up.

They both had their own personal reasons to stay with the boy, while every other scientists from the original team had already given up and moved on, leaving the observation of the never-changing boy to the computers and videos of the laboratories.

Dr. Lee was a passionless man without huge ambitions, content with the silence and never changing routine that came with the job of watching the motionless boy. He enjoyed his days down in the laboratories, the hum of the computers and occasionally Dr. Reid as his only companions, his silent musing the only occupation in his head -which was fine by him.

Dr. Reid had entirely different reasons to stay with the boy. She was forty-five years old and yearned for her own children, but being a woman that had decided against having her own kids in favor to her career, she knew that chances were low of her ever having a family as she wished so dearly.

The frail and utterly defenseless boy inside the laboratories, who was so depending on her care, whom she watched and bathed and talked to, whose hair she gently combed and whose fine limbs she moved and massaged -that non responding and vulnerable boy gave her a faint, but strangely satisfying echo of how it could have been had she decided for a family so many many years ago.

So she stayed with him when everybody left, and she called him her baby in her head. She sat down beside his pale body and gently took his small hands in her own while she whispered tales and stories to his subconscious.

And then one day, just as coincidentally as the day the cube had been found on the borers way through massive soil, Dr. Reid left on the loudspeakers connected to the laboratories after telling a nurse not to touch the -yet unused- IV with clear tranquilizer connected to the boy's right wrist.

Dr. Reid looked at the motionless boy with gentle eyes and- without really realizing it herself, hummed a silent lullaby, a long forgotten melody from her own childhood. The tunes were soft, twisting around around each other, dancing up and down in a faint pulsing wave...until her partner Dr. Lee returned from his noon-break with two mugs of streaming coffee.

She stopped midway the beautiful melody and with a thankful smile took one of the mugs her partner offered. They sat in silence while they slowly, and both lost in their own thoughts, sipped their coffee.

It took them a little while, but eventually they noticed the soft chain of moans falling from the boy's lips.

Both scientists froze in wide-eyed surprise, their bodies turning to the glass-wall so fast that they spilled their coffee, staining their white and pristine coats -but they did not even notice. They shared a nervous glance, their hearts beating faster for the first time since months ago.

Another silent moan, the twitching of fingers, and then both scientists did not want to believe their own eyes when the boy turned his body around, eyes still closed but now facing the scientists, sweet features twisted in wordless pain.

Another moan, this one blending into a small whimper, and then the boy breathed out something.


Both scientists pressed their faces against the glass, their mouths wide open as they tried to understand what the small body was whispering.

Tears rolled down pale cheeks and then there was this small and frail voice again.

“..no...please-” Breathy, unsteady, lost.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Reid somehow managed to share a bewildered, almost frantic look.

“Oh god, did you hear that?”, Dr. Reid was pale, eyes wide with shock as they stared through the thick wall of bulletproof, mirrored glass. The scientists were paralyzed, heartbeats so loud in their ears that they actually missed the next faint moan escaping the boy's softly parted lips.

“Is he- Is it... Did it actually make a sound-”

”N...no ooo. Cha...plea...se...”

“What is he- it... mumbling? I don't understand a word.” Both scientists became silent and listened carefully to the sleeping creature's soft moans. Dr. Reid stayed puzzled, but Dr. Lee tilted his head, eyes narrowing in concentration. He leaned forward, against the cold glass separating him for the unconscious creature in the examination room as if it would help him hearing the soft voice better. From the corner of his eyes he could see Dr. Reid glancing at him nervously, but he did not care and forced himself to blend everything but the moaning, pleading boy out.

The...boy, the creature, was trashing slightly, frail arms trembling in their restrains, but its eyes were still closed, even as the quiet moans turned into gasps and small whimpers. Dr. Lee liked his lips, eyes closing now as his highly concentrated hearing filtered the noises passing the creature's soft lips.


Dr. Lee bit his lower lip not understanding a single word, but determined not to give up.

'Come on baby, come on, tell daddy what you want...'

A small and pained cry left those small lips and then the boy gasped, lungs filling with air, before a high-pitched scream echoed off the concrete walls of the examination room.

“Nooonng- ..ngmin- help-” a shuddering intake of breath “-help me. Help- ...Changmin. Changmin-” a chocked sob. Dr. Lee's eyes widened in utter shock.

“Oh my god. Was that-”, he turned his body to Dr. Reid, totally ignoring the fact that the woman was American and most probably still clueless about what just had happened. “-Oh my god. Was that Korean? It was Korean, wasn't it?” Dr. Lee was so excited that he didn't see his partner paling.

“You understand what the boy- this...thing is saying?” Dr. Reid asked, her voice just above a whisper. Dr. Lee licked his lips, his heartbeat irregular and adrenalin rushing through his body. He gave a small nod, but jerked his head to a no at the same time.

“No it's-”, he became silent for a second to listen to the creature's silent screams. “It's... not like I understand it a hundred percent, but ...he- it speaks Korean. Like...Ancient-Korean.”

Another high-pitched scream made both scientists wince in uneasiness and Dr. Reid nervously eyed the button connected to the IV full of tranquilizer, which was still hanging from the trashing body's right wrist.

”Please...please...”, the pleas became a silent begging now, the creature's voice lowering, tone more desperate and tired all of a sudden and Dr. Lee felt his heart clenching.

Please, please? Please..what?

”Save ...save...” the small voice died down more and more ”...save...me...” his incoherent whisper was barely audible and Dr. Lee's brows furrowed in both concentration and concern.

Dr. Reid quickly glanced at the now calming body in the examination room, before she let her gaze rest upon her partner. Dr. Lee was highly concentrated, but his facial features were puzzled, upset and Dr. Reid understood that even if the man was Korean, it didn't automatically make him an expert in Ancient-Korean.

The American took out her cellphone and patiently waited to get connected to their headquarters upstairs.

“This is Reid speaking. We need an expert linguist for ancient-East-Asian languages.” The woman pressed her lips shut and her eyes hardened as she watched the unconscious, frail creature twisting in its restrains, silent whispers falling from its plump lips while tears rolled down pale cheeks from the corners of its closed eyes.

“Yes. It's urgent. Our doll-faced princess started speaking. As soon as possible! -I don't care! Send the man down here, we need him. Now!”


Dr. Lee and Dr. Reid welcomed the specialist for ancient East-Asian languages with their eyes wide open in wonder, but not a single word slipped past their tightly shut lips.

Jung Yunho was ...young and -and that was probably even more irritating, if not even offending: very handsome. He looked like a star-prosecutor, ready to defend his client's rights until the successful end, rather than someone who had studied long lost and dead languages no one really cared about anymore.

He arrived with his hair unkempt and clothes which looked much like he had dressed in a hurry, and when Dr. Reid quickly glanced down at her watch, she learned that it was barely four in the morning, sunrise, as they had summer time.

Jung Yunho smelled like fresh air and coffee- but the latter could have been the drying stain on her own blouse, Dr. Reid wasn't really sure.

Neither Dr. Lee, nor Dr. Reid had a clue how much the man knew about the reason why he had been called and brought down to the laboratories, but the curious, slightly suspicious look in the young man's eyes told both of them that he much likely knew very little -or more likely: nothing about it.

The way Mr. Jung's eyes turned more and more skeptic with every second passing, the way his full lips tightened while he glanced around, told them that whatever he had been told as a reason to hurry out of his most probably warm bed did not really match with what he was seeing now. -Not that he had seen much up until now. But Dr. Reid was sure that just the heavily armed and controlled high-security wing in the basement did not match with the story Mr. Jung had been told to leave his home for.

So she sighed, exchanged a look with her partner and then sighed some more when Mr. Jung choose the perfect moment to ask:

“Okay so...why exactly am I here? I mean...the real reason?”


Next part: Chapter Four B.1

A/N:I feel like I need my readers to encourage me to go back and get
a touch to this. I wrote all of this part a while ago and could have updated
- but somehow never felt like it :/

I am really really sorry that there is only a Part A for now. Part B is
carefully plotted since a year and halfway done, too- but I can't
promise you that I'll upload it that soon.
(though I have 2 month of holidays ahead of me- who knows ;3 )

anyways: are you guys excited about Yunho? :)))
can you guess his role in this already? hehe I hope not, because
I still want to surprise all of you ♥

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