Title: Oh Cliché Life
Pairing: YunJae
Warnings: OOC, cliché stuff
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

Author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

"All YunJae ever wanted was to be happy..."

Oh Cliché Life

A rich and arrogant yunho, who is super popular meets a shy and poor Jaejoong- the geek.

Yunho's idiot friends agree on a bet: is it possible for casanova-Yunho to win and then break shy-Jaejoong's heart? The bet is on. Yunho wins over Jaejoong's insecure heart after lots and lots of chapters. But right when Yunho realizes that he loves Jaejoong -truly and not because of the bet- Jaejoong get's raped by an angry Siwon, who forever ago was in love with Jaejoong and now wants to have the pretty boy for himself.

Yunho catches Siwon and Jaejoong right that one moment Siwon is forcing himself over poor Jae's drugged or/and weak body -and misunderstands.

"Oh...Jae....cheated on me! That slut....that whore...he played me..."

Yunho walks away, feeling betrayed and broken. Next day at school he coldly ignores Jaejoong, who is tired and broken and traumatized...but when the boy cries and wants to touch Yunho for comfort, Yunho slaps him and calls him a dirty whore.

Jaejoong is beyond devastated and runs home, planning to commit suicide. As he cuts his wrist and slowly bleeds away, his best friend and cousin Junsu finds him and calls an ambulance. At the hospital, after he got treatment, Jae learns that not only did he survive by a miracle, but that he is three month pregnant too.

Meanwhile Yunho learns from a very anxious Yoochun (who secretly is in love with Junsu) that Jaejoong is at a hospital, because -and this information was given by Junsu (who secretly loves Yoochun)-  he tried to kill himself, because Siwon had raped him.

"Oh...oh no....oh no...Joongie....I....I called him a whore, when actually he was only raped..."

Yunho rushes to the hospital, where he and Jae make up with lots of tears and: "I love yous/I forgive yous/sorrys/and blahblah".

Yunho then learns that Jae is pregnant and they decide to marry. Their parents like that idea and start preparing the wedding which will be held in two days.
Yunho and Jaejoong decide to name their kid Joongie/Yunnie/YunJae. the end.


Under some mysterious circumstances Jaejoong loses his memory and leaves his husband and son. He becomes Siwon's boyfriend, who tells him that they have been together their whole life long.

Meanwhile Yunho- the devastated husband- listens to an old fortuneteller on his way back home from work, who suggests that he searches himself a new wife. Yunho finds his new love in Heechul/some SNSD girl/Seul Gi, who seems very nice on the outside but is a total bitch on the inside AND works with Siwon to forever separate Yunho and Jaejoong.

But mysteriously- in a million-city like Seoul, Jaejoong meets his son and forms some kind of bound with him in a few minutes, which eventually leads to Yunho and Jaejoong meeting again. Yunho is sure that Jae is his long lost wife, but Jaejoong insists that he does not know Yunho, that he is Siwon's (by now) fiancee.

Yunho returns back home broken and sets up a date for his wedding with Heechul/SNSD-girl/Seul Gi while Jaejoong meets that old fortune-teller and gains back his memory. In a matter of a few sentences, Jaejoong stands in front of Yunho's home and tells him that he's his wife- Yunho though, doesn't believe him anymore, since Heechul/SNSD-girl/Seul Gi told him about a man that looks just like Jaejoong, but who in fact is a gold-digging-whorish-slut.

Yunho slaps Jaejoong right in front of his house and tells him to never come and see him again. Jaejoong is heartbroken and devastated, but just when he is about to take his life, YooSu convince Yunho that Heechul/SNSD-girl/Seul Gi is evil and that Jaejoong is... well, Jaejoong.

Yunho runs through the night to save his beloved Jae from committing suicide (again)- it ends with both kissing each other deeply and deciding to marry again.

At the same time Heechul/SNSD-girl/Seul Gi and Siwon are raging with jealousy and in an desperate attempt try to separate/kill Jaejoong/Yunho with a knife. Yunho heroically takes them both down, but Jaejoong get's hurt and has to be hospitalized again.

In the end, when Heechul/SNSD-girl/Seul Gi and Siwon are locked behind bars, and after Jaejoong awakens from a dramatic coma in which he miraculously was able to hear Yunho crying over his motionless body, telling him how much he loves him and how sorry he is, YunJae marry and live happily together once again.

the end.


A/N: the tragedy of those winglin-fics I read is how absolutely cruel and stupid
Yunho behaves and treats Jaejoong, how he carelessly calls him a whore or/and a slut, how he
slaps and kicks and beats him- just because he feels like it, or because he thinks Jaejoong
(the forever loyal and self-sacrificing one) cheated on him. It's really beyond me how the girls
who write this stuff can find it right and romantic when the "man" (Yunho) rightfully beats the
"woman" (Jaejoong) just because he feels like it. And even worse is Jaejoong's always
submissive and devote reaction to it: Crying and apologizing to Yunho, becoming his slave
to gain forgiveness, doing everything for Yunho's happiness even though Jaejoong almost always
knows that he isn't actually at fault.

oh man. girls. don't you have some self-respect? :/

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