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Find Me chapter 4 B.2  
Title: Find Me
Length: 4b/5
Pairing: MinJae, YooSu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vampire, (former chapters: slavery, underage-sex, rape, abuse, violence, gore, blood)
Genre: horror, violence, tragedy, dark angst, taboo-themes
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this. story still belongs to me.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: “You will have to choose, Jung Yunho, choose wisely.”

Former parts:

Chapter 1: (A/B)
Chapter 2: (A/B)
Chapter 3: (A/B)
Chapter 4: (A/B.1/

Find me

“It's time.” She said one day, gently shutting the book in Yunho's hand and making him look up at her. As always, he preferred looking at her lips, her hair, her nose...anywhere than her eyes, she thought amusedly, but not for much longer, not after tonight.

She wordlessly watched him gathering his notes, not telling him that he wouldn't need them anymore. It was all or nothing after tonight, and he would have to decide. But it wasn't her place to tell, so she gracefully got up from her seat when he was done with packing up and lead him out the library.

Outside in the halls, every chandelier was lit and outside, when they passed the countless arched windows, Yunho could see a row of elegant black cars with dark tinted windows parked in front of the mansion.

“We're having guests?” He asked, voice surprised and a little bit nervous as his instincts made his stomach churn with uneasiness. She ignored his comment, her steps not haltering as she led him to his room. But when she opened the door to keep it open for him, her cold hand brushed his arm and made him stop.

For the first time since two years, Yunho held her gaze as she looked deep into his soul with her lifeless eyes. Something inside of them, something incredibly alarming made his skin crawl as he tried to ignore the urge to step back from her. Finally she parted her lips, her voice an barely audible whisper as she leaned in close to his neck to breathe a silent warning against it.

“Choose wisely, Jung Yunho. Be careful.”

Completely at a loss, Yunho jerked back and searched her eyes for answers she wouldn't give, but in her eyes something sad passed and maybe for the first time since he first entered the mansion she looked human in Yunho's eyes. Beautiful, cold, lonely, sad and lost maybe, something which made Yunho's insides clench, because some part of him -maybe a part he couldn't understand as anything else as his soul- understood for once why he was here, why she was here, why they were in this mansion together. Some part of him, a cognitive sense fleetingly touching his conscious made him realize at least, that he was staring at a possible future of his, a warning for following generations, who dug too deep and din't choose wisely.

Dinner was whenever Yunho decided to go down to fetch himself something from the kitchen.

Over the years, he had learned to appreciate online tutorials on how to cook with microwaves or how to make rice cookers work. With his mind already set on a bowl of ready-cooked rice with tuna and kimchi, Yunho was quite surprised to find himself passing the usually dark dining hall -now dimly lit, and under closer inspection, filled with marvelous dinner dishes for at least an army of people.

'So we are having guests.' He thought absentmindedly, frowning when he remembered Miss Jessica's dismissing reaction.

Yunho stepped closer, unable to stop himself from sniffing hopefully with his nose to catch the scent of the various dishes placed on the huge marble table inside the room. His stomach grumbled as a faint reaction to the scent of herbs and spices and meat hitting his nostrils and before Yunho was able to force himself to turn around, his treacherous feet already led him through the open door and inside the room.

Years of ready-made food and almost always the same monotone combination of rice, kimchi and tuna made him forget everything else but his need to step closer to the food presented on the table, seemingly waiting for him to eat it.

“No...” He moaned, voice faint, as he reached out for what seemed to be a whole chicken, lush and perfect and pearling with marinated fat which run down its crispy dark skin. Just as his fingertips reached out enough to dip against the soft meet a small chuckle -that of a man's- snapped Yunho out of his food-spell.

Hastily, he snapped back his hand, cheeks tinting red as he turned his body around to where the sound had originated from. His dark eyes gazed through the room, catching on a shadow too substantial to be part of the room at the far corner left from his side. Yunho scrunched his nose in embarrassment, cheeks tinting a shade darker at the thought of having been watched while he had acted like a hungry child. He quickly straightened his body, shoulders pulled back and neck craning as he stood tense and waited for whoever was watching him to introduce himself.

“Jung Yunho” The voice said, voice amused but kind as the shadow moved with a soft jolt and stepped closer. “You must be hungry” A smile.

Yunho stared, eyes widening a little bit as he took in the face and appearance of the voice's owner. From the voice alone, Yunho somehow unconsciously had already pictured someone else, definitely not this handsome, young man with a face which held the most interesting mix of vulnerability and strength. Eyes, darker than any black Yunho had ever seen in his life, bored into his and something inside of them felt confusingly familiar and made Yunho stare with confusion before his instincts made him break the contact and look down at the floor.

Where had he seen those eyes before?

Yunho opened his mouth and then closed it again, confusion tangling his thoughts as the man stepped closer, now fully into the light, which Yunho only now realized to be the flickering light of long candles on the table. Long and dark locks curled and framed the stranger's pale face -just as pale as Miss Jessica's, Yunho thought absentmindedly, before he observed the rest of the man. He was clad in subtle and classy clothes, looking casual, but not being really, especially not with the way he held himself. An aura of confidence and calm emitted from him, and full red lips- impossibly striking for a man especially in the dimly lit room, stretched into a pleased smile.

Yunho swallowed down a thick lump in his throat, suddenly wary without knowing why as the man stepped even closer, until he stood right in front of Yunho. He looked at him, slightly up Yunho realized, a fleeting and completely irrelevant feeling of relieve passing him at the realization that he was taller than some stranger talking to him from the shadows in the middle of the night while knowing his name and-

'Right. Why does he know my name?'

“My name is Yoochun.” The man offered, smile widening a little bit and then gently motioning at the table with one of his pale hands. “Let us sit down, Jung Yunho. You must be hungry.”

That he was, if the answering loud whine from his stomach was anything to go by with. Yunho reached out for the back of an elegant chair, eyes never leaving Yoochun as he sat down,

“Do you know me?” Yunho asked then, after the other man had sat down himself and then continued to smile at him without saying anything.

Honestly speaking, Yunho had an idea who this man could possibly be, but as he had been chuckled at from the shadows of a clearly set up dining room he refused to blurt out any easy opening questions. This man, Yoochun, was certainly here for him and Yunho wanted him to state the purpose of his visit.

Yoochun leaned back at that question, smile widening even more for a small moment before he softly shook his head. Softly, Yunho thought, because the dark locks around Yoochun's head were gently curling up and around as the man moved his head. Yunho watched for a small moment how the candle light reflected on single strands of shimmering dark hair before he visibly forced himself to snap out of it. Dazed, and alarmed because of it, Yunho straightened in his seat and quirked one eyebrow, waiting.

“No...” Yoochun answered, eyes blinking slowly. “I don't actually, not more than your file at least.” And with that he turned to the food, filling the plate in front of him with a colorful mix of all the food on the table. Yunho watched him wordlessly, lips pressing shut with sudden impatience.

His file? What was that supposed to mean? Was this man really -as he had thought- his internship sponsor? A member of the unknown and urban-legend secret party?

A loud screeching sound cut through his thoughts, rising the soft hair on his arms, and Yunho looked up just in time to see Yoochun's pale hand pushing the now full plate to Yunho's side and then in front of him.

“Eat, Jung Yunho.” Yoochun said again. “I know you're hungry. I can see it and hear it- I can even smell it. Eat, while I will talk.”

'Bizarre.' Yunho thought, perplex, and for a small second Miss Jessica's face flashed in his thoughts again, her warning words suddenly ringing in his ears. ”Be careful” She had said and somehow Yunho had a feeling that she might have meant for him to be careful around this man.

Yunho swallowed down an uneasy sigh, leaned back and picked up his fork, eyes looking back at Yoochun expectantly though.

“I read your file.” Yoochun started, body leaning back and hands coming up, folding to lie comfortably at the edge of the table. Yunho realized right then that this would probably be a long conversation.

“It's impressive how fast and much you learned since you have entered this mansion. Of course...” Yoochun smiled again “...of course nothing else could be expected of the National University's top student. We chose you wisely, Jung Yunho.” Yoochun chuckled at this, as if he had just told a delightful joke Yunho couldn't understand. Not that Yunho cared, this man was slowly getting on his nerves. But at least he now knew that it was indeed some form of a sponsor sitting opposite from him. For what it was worth he politely tilted his head and tried his best to look as if he was anticipating Yoochun's every word.

“Of course, it wasn't only your educational background why we chose you, you see. You were the best option.” Yoochun paused. “Actually...” He interrupted himself “Actually you were the optimal option. The best variable, the perfect outcome of time and luck, the perfect candidate with the perfect heritage.” Yoochun smiled, again this amused and pleased expression on his face, but this time he leaned back while nodding slightly, immense satisfaction on his soft features.

Yunho only stared at him, fork in his hand shaking slightly as he was unable to understand what Yoochun was telling him. “What...?” he managed to spit out, confusion mixed with annoyance and he quickly lowered the fork back to the plate. His appetite was gone, his stomach tightening with annoyance and something...else, something akin to an instinctive bad foreboding which Yunho didn't understand.

Yoochun smiled, this time apologetic and it did nothing to soothe Yunho's nerves.

“I am sorry, Jung Yunho. It's not my intention to confuse or frustrate you. You keep eating while I try to explain you the exact reason you were offered a place here in this mansion, alongside Miss Jessica and with all those... interesting books stored in the grand library...”

Yoochun's voice had changed, something dark and dangerous lurking behind those harmless worlds and Yunho slowly looked up and into the man's eyes, recoiling inwardly when he met a dark and hungry gaze, a predatory glint reflecting in Yoochun's eyes as he too, watched Yunho's every move.

Yunho leaned back, the movement deliberately pushing his chair a few centimeters away from Yoochun. Yunho felt cold in the room, fear clutching his insides all of a sudden and all his instincts were screaming at him to get as much distance between him and Yoochun as possible -but.....but why?

Yunho gritted his teeth and forced his tense body to relax -as much as possible at least- while his eyes never left Yoochun's. He was well aware that the man opposite from him had probably watched and understood his instinctive reaction to..... Yunho pressed his lips together, again confused as he had to ask himself: 'To what?'


Yoochun's silent voice abruptly had Yunho immediately focusing back on the man. “I'm not here to harm you, Yunho.” He said, eyebrows furrowing a little and Yunho was relieved to see that the lurking, hungry expression in Yoochun's eyes was gone. “I forgot about the excellent instinct of your kind ...Relax and please continue your dinner, I'm here with a proposal...” Yoochun tilted his head, hiding a smile when he saw Yunho's eyes flashing with unwilling interest from behind his mask of carefully hesitance.

He waited a few polite moments for Yunho to collect himself and then continued: “I am here to offer you something, Jung Yunho. Something you must consider carefully once you know the truth about yourself and how you are connected to something older than your world...” Yoochun sighed, expecting Yunho to interrupt him, but was surprised when his introduction was only met by silence.

Yunho pierced a piece of meat on his plate with his fork, slowly bringing it to his lips and then chewing while he watched Yoochun. He swallowed, leaned back in his chair and then uneasily listened to the small voice in his head whispering to him about all the things he instinctively knew, all the things his core, his soul accepted a long time ago to be part of the world, only that they weren't part of his world, but theirs.

Was it that? This instinctive knowledge which ultimately had him sitting here with Yoochun opposite from him while an echo of Miss Jessica was swirling in his thoughts like a warning ghost? Yunho looked back up at Yoochun, recoiling inwardly at the inhuman pale beauty of the man before he hastily closed his eyes. As he rubbed his closed lids with his fingers, tired and tense, Yoochun continued to speak.

“Yes...” He whispered, catching Yunho by surprise and smiling as he snapped his eyes open to look back at him. “It's true...” Yoochun confirmed, addressing Yunho's swirling thoughts before Yunho realized how bizarre that thought was.

“Our world exists, Yunho. And you are part of a secret now, which is older than the world you know itself.” Yoochun almost smiled at the skeptical look Yunho gave him, so unlike the laughter or disbelieving snorts he had expected to hear. Or the fear. Not that Yunho didn't smell like it slightly, but the man had himself under amazing control and Yoochun had to remind himself that Yunho was...special.

“The sacred beings are real. The sacred spheres existed.” Yoochun pressed, -past tense for the latter, he couldn't ban the small undertone of regret from his voice.

Yunho kept silent at that, heart pounding a little bit faster as the information sank in. Yoochun watched him realize -led by his most deeply buried instincts- that Yoochun spoke the truth.

Yunho couldn't know this -there was no way he could- but the knowledge about the sacred beings, this hidden truth of another race living hidden among humankind, had always been buried within his soul, layers of layers made up by the believes and logic of humankind covering it to the pint of suffocating it, but Yunho was special -Yunho was theirs, so his instincts had always in a way known and made him aware in a way he never was actually aware of.

Yoochun watched Yunho swallow hard, a slightly shaking hand coming up and brushing back strand of dark hair from his face to collect himself. Yunho had studied too much about them to not understand all of what Yoochun's confession meant. If the sacred being were real, if Yunho was sitting across from one, then that meant that Yunho was in close proximity of a blood drinking, man eating being.

A sharp intake of air -and Yoochun knew that Yunho had concluded just that. The loud screeching sound of Yunho's chair scraping backwards -away from Yoochun- had the latter cursing again.

“Christ!-” He snapped, eyes flashing with anger and spellbinding Yunho who was seconds away from running out of the room. “Would you listen! I told you I'm not here to harm you. Do you really think we would train you only to kill you in the end?” Yoochun scoffed, releasing Yunho from his glare and watching him shuddering and slumping back in his chair before he continued, voice a little bit softer as he said: “Do you really think, I of all people would hurt one of my own.”

Yunho's head snapped back up at that, eyes holding stubborn confusion even though his brain was already understanding what Yoochun just indicated.

It took a second to really sink in, but then Yunho felt like something icy cold was gripping his stomach which clenched in sudden uneasiness. Breath hitching he looked sharply at Yoochun, color draining from his face as he saw Yoochun's eyes softening with pity.

Wordlessly observing the disbelieving human, Yoochun searched for the right words to make Yunho realize how deep indeed his connection to Yoochun's world was. He sighed as he couldn't find any, pity deepening in his eyes as he decided to simply proof Yunho with actions that what he said was true.

Closing his eyes, Yoochun felt for the link deep inside of him connecting him to Jung Yunho, one of the last of his mother's human mate's lines descendants. There, in the depth of Yoochun's conscious, where his darkness shimmered and Junsu's warmth began, was Yunho. A fleeting touch of humanity, almost consumed by the large part belonging to the sacred race in Yunho's soul. Yoochun smiled a little as he fully saw how much Yunho was theirs instead of the human-worlds.

He knew that Yunho felt it too the second the human gave a small gasp, barely audible, but so clear and full of surprise to Yoochun's ears. He kept the connection, gently touching and deepening it while listening to Yunho's quickening heartbeat.

Yoochun couldn't remember how it had been to feel the first connection to another being. Naturally it had been the connection to his mother as a baby in her womb, where there had been only the deep calm of the impervious darkness, fleeting touches of brightness and happiness, the gentle waves around his body softly swirling to the low humming which sometimes waved through his awakening conscious.
He remembered the gentle wonder and curiosity as he had first connected with Changmin so many thousand years ago. He also remembered the wild passion shocking through him, twisting his insides and lurching his stomach with want as he had violently connected with Junsu of course, but this was different- Jung Yunho was neither a sacred being, not a human meant to be his mate. He was a relative, a distant one, almost lost within the countless centuries between his first ancestor's birth and his own, Yunho's, but in his veins Yoochun's mother's blood -even as oppressed from his human bloodline as it was- rushed through and singed and called to Yoochun.

Yunho gasped and Yoochun felt the connection jerking in alarm as Yunho was close to losing himself in the overwhelming feeling of being connected toYoochun.

He carefully loosened the connection to Yunho, until only the most fleeting feeling of a gentle touch against quivering skin was ghosting over Yunho's body.

"What-" Yunho almost chocked on the word as struggled to get his breathing under control- "-was that-"

Yoochun wordlessly let the faint connection between them help and stable Yunho until the young man was able to control himself and his chaotic emotions: fear, panic, astonishment, curiosity, ache, longing, pain...
Yoochun absorbed it all, patiently helping Yunho through the waves of confusion until his breathing evened out.
"That was the connection." Yoochun said, choosing to use as few words as possible. Yunho, who had studied the sacred beings for so many month would know what it meant anyways. But there was one more thing Yoochun had to clarify: "Your connection to me." He emphasized, watching translucent pearls of cold sweat rolling down Yunho's temples with a carefully neutral face.

He knew what Yunho would think, but the human surprised him. Instead of asking the obvious, he stated it: "But...I'm not your mate..." Yunho whispered, eyes widening only a second later in stubborn self-betrayal, since he now verbally acknowledged what his instincts had told him from the very second onwards Yoochun had let the first layer of his human mask slip: what Yoochun said was real, what Yoochun showed him was real, Yoochun was real.

Yunho shook his head, angry with himself, eyes once again flickering with something akin to panic. Yoochun sighed, this time audible and watched Yunho freezing in his seat.

"No, you're not my mate,Yunho. You are part of me, but only in your blood. Your soul is yours."

This, Yoochun knew, was more than Yunho had learned about them, his race, the soul they shared with their mates, and he could see how Yunho absorbed the information. He had to hide a smile at that, amused by Yunho's hunger to learn and once again puzzled and astonished how time and fate had led to the perfect candidate to be here at this very moment.

"You must know the truth. I know you felt it in your blood as soon as we connected." Yoochun said, watching Yunho's face twist as the two most powerful forces of his being fought for the truth. His soul and heart, core and body as the humans put it, felt the truth of the connection, the silent pull and attraction in Yunho's blood belonging to Yoochun. Yunho felt that he was part of Yoochun, felt that he was related to him. But there was also his mind, his head telling him that this was completely impossible, something supernatural which didn't have any place or right in the world. Yunho knew that everything he meant to feel couldn't possibly be true.

So stubborn. Yoochun scrunched up his nose, annoyed with the human race and its collective ban about everything of their true origin.

"Yunho-" He sighed, meeting the dark eyes quickly glancing back at him. "I know that you felt the truth. Do you believe yourself? Do you believe in what you feel and in your instincts? Or do you only know what you are told?"

Yunho blinked at that, an answer already on the tip of his tongue when a memory flashed through his mind. He saw himself, nervously standing at the university registration office, waiting to fill out his papers. He remembered the whisper of his conscious, the silent shaking of his hands, the gentle warmth of something sure and content glowing in his chest as he had realized what he really wanted. He remembered how he instinctively had followed his inner most lead to fill out the blank spaces with the decision which ultimately led him here, he remembered the silent pull of encouragement, the feeling of relieve, the calm of being so sure, so utterly content with himself and the world, because he had felt that it had been the right decision.

He remembered the connection to something greater, something out of his conscious even, which had led him gently and which he had welcomed instinctively as something true and good. Yunho swallowed, his eyes slowly meeting Yoochun's again.

"I know-" He whispered then, wincing slightly at the choice of his words before he hurriedly corrected himself: "I feel...the truth."
The insecurity was still there, fear still beneath the steady pulse of his calming instincts and the connection to Yoochun telling him that everything was alright and good. But Yunho carefully pulled away from what he thought to know and with a sigh embraced what he instinctively felt and realized as truth.

The sacred spheres, Yunho thought, the sacred beings... if everything is true, if I am a part of it then what is my role in all of this.

Yoochun wordlessly followed Yunho's thoughts, waiting for the perfect moment to begin.

"What..." Yunho slowly asked, voice carefully neutral -and Yoochun knew that Yunho -at least to a certain part- already knew the answer to his question- "What am I doing here."

It didn't sound like a question, Yoochun thought, more like a silent observation of something, a situation running into a dead end.

Good. It was time anyways. Yoochun leaned back in his seat, a small part keeping check on his connection to Yunho while most of his attention went to the outer sphere of their togetherness.

"I am here with a proposal for you." Yoochun simply repeated, hesitating for the slightest of a moment before adding: "And you are here, Yunho, because you were trained for this moment."

There was a flash of something bright and clear lightening for a split moment in their connection and Yoochun curiously watched the play of emotions on Yunho's face. What Yoochun thought to be nothing else than interest and sharp instincts leading the way, was something entirely else though. In Yunho's head, Miss Jessica's face had flashed as a warning once again.

'Be careful' the ghost of her voice whispered to him, this time more urgent, and Yunho felt his stomach tightening as the fleeting touch of understanding licked at the edges of his conscious. He shuddered, turned away from what he was just about to realize and returned his gaze back to Yoochun's.

He needed a small moment in which he tried to calm his loudly beating heart, but then asked with a controlled voice what Yoochun meant.

"I mean-" Yoochun continued, eyes still carefully watching Yunho's reactions. "-that I am here with an offer and that you will have to chose after I tell you everything... -the truth."

'the truth...' Yunho thought, tilting his head and wishing that he wouldn't already suspect what Yoochun was about to tell him.

Everything up until now only led to one final conclusion, one possible offer Yoochun could have for him-

"You are chosen as the next guardian over the sacred secret, Jung Yunho."

Yunho blinked. 'what...?' He stared blankly at Yoochun who seemed to sense that Yunho wasn't understanding.

"It means," Yoochun added slowly "that you were chosen even before you came here, to study and learn about us, to find out about what we are and that we still exist- that you belong with us, to guard the secret."

Yoochun was met with a long silence after that. When Yunho finally spoke, his voice was oddly flat, as if he was suppressing feelings he didn't want Yoochun to sense in an careless undertone.

"Why," Yunho asked and he avoided Yoochun's eyes when he asked "why would the sacred race need guardians? Why would they need protectors and secret keepers if they live in secrecy and extinguished from the human collective?"

This, Yoochun knew, was the delicate part now. Telling the truth was essential to bind Yunho to the secret, but it also meant to reveal the ugliness hidden within it. Yunho was a part of the human world and what the truth would mean to him,Yoochun could already predict.

"We are the sacred race, guardians of the sacred realms, wisdom, civilization and culture. A long time ago, humankind showed undeniable signs of intelligence and we chose to acknowledge the hitherto inferior race which had served us as livestocks and servants. We chose to disappear, Yunho, from the surface of the earth, because your kind was passionately taking over the world." Yoochun smiled a little, eyes closing to hide the sadness Yunho was able to hear out when he continued. It made Yunho uneasy, Yoochun's nostalgia washing over him and squirming his insides while his own feelings of denial and acceptance, numbness and dulled panic tightened his chest.

"Our elders-" Yoochun continued, cutting through Yunho's thoughts and making him wince on his seat "...they decided to leave the sacred spheres, to hide away from humankind, to get wiped out of the human collective, to make place for the young arising race which claimed the world for itself. We didn't fight or kill..." Yoochun's voice drifted a little and Yunho wondered if the man was lost in his memories, lost in what happened so many thousands of years ago. "We just disappeared and then..." Yoochun paused, lost in his thoughts.

'and then i told him, I told Changmin that it's the age of the human race and that we have to leave... and that he has to let go...' He thought bitterly, eyebrows furrowing and sadness washing down his spine, making him shift in his position as it numbed his body.

An echo of the passed millennium seemed to ring in the air, words from a forgotten life reaching out for him.

'“It's the age of humankind, we have to leave. You know the elders are right, Changmin. One day, when humankind has matured, when we're lost and forgotten, when we are free to move as we like, when the world has a place for us again...one day, Minnie, you'll be allowed to look for him. He'll wait for you- You'll find him.”'

Yoochun pressed his lips to a firm line, the sadness of this fleeting moment almost consuming him as he listened to his own words from so long ago. It tool him longer than he liked to compose himself and when he blinked his eyes open, Yunho looked at him with a look of both concern and vague suspicion.

Yoochun hurried to place a neutral smile back onto his lips before he finally answered Yunho's question.

"We don't know when Yunho, but one day my kind will take back its rightful place in this world." Yoochun didn't have to look at Yunho to confirm what the connection had told him already: Yunho was shocked by this confession, his feelings jerking left and right with intensity, but still the human was trying to keep calm, no muscle moving as he waited for Yoochun to continue.

"Until that time comes, we cannot have the whole human race forget about us. We need people... guardians who keep our secret and who know about us, people like you Yunho, with special heritage who keep us alive.”

"-You need my blood!" Yunho blurted finally, jumping up from his chair and interrupting Yoochun with a voice bordering on anger and again, denial. Yoochun tried to keep his annoyance in check.

"No, I already told you that I'm not here to harm you." He couldn't help a little sigh escaping his lips, but Yunho didn't seem too convinced.

"You just said- 'keeping you alive'- what, do you think I don't know that-"

"Sit down, Jung Yunho." Yoochun finally snapped, voice icy cold and cutting through the human's angry words like a knife. He did more than that though. Reaching our for their connection, he made Yunho submit to his will, forcing him to sit and calm down the way he demanded.

Left without a choice but to sit still and listen to Yoochun's words, Yunho was only able to stare hard at the other man who simply ignored his wordless reproach.

"Now listen to me!" Yoochun demanded, forcing Yunho to submit. "You will have to chose, either you become one of us, part of the secret and a guardian throughout your lifespan to keep a part of us alive in the human world, or you chose to forget and return to your ordinary life."

Yoochun gave Yunho only a few seconds to let his words sink in before he continued.

"When you chose the former, I will bind you by blood to our secret." Yoochun paused at that, sensing that Yunho was not understanding what that meant. "It is not a bound that makes you a part of the sacred beings. Your soul remains human, Yunho. You will stay a human being, but you will be bound to our secret." Yoochun wondered if he was direct enough and with a look at Yunho's confused face added: "You won't be turned, Yunho, since you are not a mate. You will stay a human and nothing will touch your soul."

This seemed to be enough and Yoochun saw how Yunho's tense facial muscles relaxed. There was something in their connection though, a sense of excitement dulling down and Yoochun understood with something akin to sadness that a part of Yunho had expected- had wanted to be turned.

"When you decide to be bound by blood,you will be a secret keeper of our kind. You will live among us for a certain time, you will learn more about us and you will then return back to your former life to ...literally form a bridge between us and your world." Yoochun tilted his head.

"Your duties would be that of a guardian, Yunho. You will advise and lead, since we long lost our place in your world. You will help and blur, should one of us get lost in your world." Yoochun paused again before he added in a small voice: "You will live for us, Yunho. I want you to understand this."

'Why would i ever chose this option?'

The question rang so loud and clear in Yoochun's mind that he winced slightly, not used to such a rough and blatant use of telepathy anymore. But Yunho was a baby- no, a newborn, really, and he didn't know about his abilities when connected to Yoochun. In fact, Yoochun wasn't even sure that Yunho knew that he just projected his thoughts into Yoochun's mind.

"Why would you ever chose this option, you ask?" Yoochun hid a smile when Yunho's eyes widened.

"Because choosing the latter means that you will forget, Yunho. Everything." Yoochun shook his head, another smile on his lips. "You will forget everything you have ever learned about us, everything which has led you to this moment....Yunho, everything of your being belonging to my race will be wiped out."

Yunho needed a second, but then he understood. Everything didn't just mean the books he read, the things Miss Jessica had told him or the things he had seen and felt this night. It meant more, the small voice in his subconscious leading him throughout his life, the fleeting connection he had to something as great and endless as the universe, the gentle feelings of good and right when he followed his instincts- all of it would be gone and where all of it used to be, Yunho knew there would be a hollow feeling of something being amiss forever.

The sudden cold and fear he felt, the empty pit in his stomach pulsing with acid nausea was enough to push aside the mental barriers Yoochun had placed in his mind.

"You can't do that..." Yunho whispered, eyes wide with horror. "You can't just wipe out something which is a part of me....which made me who I am..."

His words were met by silence, but Yoochun's eyes were full of sorrow and Yunho understood in that moment that this wasn't the first time someone had said the exact same words to Yoochun.

'“Mr. Jung, it seems that you were offered an internship given only to the best of the best once a century, by an unknown, untraceable party."'

Yunho closed his eyes when he heard his old dean's words echoing in his mind. How many had sat here before he had and had been offered the same. How many had declined the offer. How many had become part of the secret.

'Only one once a century...' He thought, understanding the gravity of it.

"There is no choice then." He finally said out loud, clutching the cloth of his pants angrily. Yoochun didn't answer. "Tell me, Yoochun. How many decided to forget?"

Yoochun pressed his lips together, eyes softening then hardening, softening again and Yunho wondered what the man was thinking- what he was remembering before he answered: "Not a single one, Jung Yunho." Not meeting Yunho's eyes.

Yunho wasn't surprised, he simply nodded to that, feeling the weight of his own decision heavy on his chest.

“There is another alternative.” Yoochun's voice cut through his thoughts and to Yunho's surprise the man looked pale now.

"One...you don't want to happen, though..."

It was only for a small second, but Yoochun let a face flash in his mind, sharp and clear and Yunho winced as if slapped when he recognized it.

“Miss Jessica...” Yunho whispered.

“Yes..." Yoochun's voice was ashen, matching the color of his face. Yunho wondered how many horrible things this man must have seen in his endless lifespan and why a reminder of Miss Jessica would make him this miserable.

"Miss Jung dug too deep and knew too much, Yunho.” Yoochun said voice bare of emotions now. “She was a descendant of another great clan. We offered her our world, but she declined, not willing to keep a secret without any gain." Yoochun paused, a horribly horribly bitter smile stretching his lips as he continued: "So we turned her Yunho, we made her one of ours and bound her to our secret by her soul....”

Yunho blinked at that, for a split second not really understanding why this was the worst outcome of all the possibilities laid out for him. Being turned, which he secretly had hoped for as the conversation with Yoochun had stretched, meant eternal life as much as he understood. It meant living forever and being part of a species which was proud and sophisticated, who were wanderers through eternity with a long history, never alone with the prospect of a mate by their side which...

Yunho blinked again, noticing the mistake in his chain of thoughts, and then an icy feeling tickled down into his stomach. “Miss Jessica...” He whispered, staring disbelievingly at Yoochun who stared back at him without an expression on his face. “Miss Jessica....how old is she...?”

“Ancient Yunho...” Yoochun replied, pity back in his eyes as he saw Yunho's eyes widening with speechless horror.

“But...she's ...alone..” Yunho whispered.

“Yes.” Yoochun's voice was black as he confirmed Yunho's terrible thoughts.

“You turned her into a sacred being...” Yunho stuttered-

“Without her being anyones mate, yes.” Yoochun looked down at this as if the words he spoke out were too much to fully face them even for him.

“Why would you do this to her?” Yunho whispered, dread in his voice as he fully understood the gravity of Miss Jessica's fate. Yoochun seemed to hesitate with his answer, sensing how much it would influence the outcome of this night.

“She knew too much... I told you that no one ever decided to forget, but it is half a lie." Yoochun swallowed at that. "Miss Jung chose the latter, Yunho, and she forgot. But she didn't chose to forget you see...she chose to gain it all back." Yoochun swallowed again, words too thick on his tongue as he continued: "It was a mistake." Yoochun's voice was small now, as if he regretted something so far away from Yunho's understanding that he couldn't even explain it.

'It was a mistake...' Yoochun thought, heaviness clutching his chest and tugging at his heart. In his mind he saw Changmin, tears running down his handsome face as he sat on the ground of this dining room, Jessica's cold and motionless form in his arms. Back then Yoochun hadn't understood, had only rushed to his friend to calm him down. The girl in Changmin's arms was dead, bound by her soul to the sacred race and slowly turning, but Yoochun hadn't seen the reason for Changmin's tears then.

'It's my fault, it's all my fault, it's my fault, Yoochun it's my fault-'

Yoochun shook his head, trying to ban the memory of Changmin's broken voice from his mind.

It had been Changmin who had been assigned to tell her about the secret, just as Yoochun was here tonight because of Yunho. Miss Jung Jessica, a human descendant of Changmin's noble clan had declined the offer and Changmin had taken her memories. Only when it had been too late already, when the girl had gained back all her memories and when Changmin had been sent out to punish her, only when Yoochun had rushed to Changmin's side, following the distress he had felt in their connection, only then, with the dead girl in Changmin's arms, Yoochun had started to understand.

Clutching her lifeless form and crying bitter tears over her turning soul. Yoochun had felt the desperation running through Changmin's heart.

'She has the same eyes as Jaejoong, the same eyes-'

Yoochun hastily closed off his memory, heart aching as Changmin's broken voice echoed off in his mind.

'How... Yoochun thought to himself, swallowing past a bitter lump in his throat, 'How am I supposed to blame Changmin for not being able to cut her off from us.'

It was true, it had been Changmin's fault for not fully erasing her memories. Miss Jung had been able to regain her knowledge, because a small part of it had been still buried inside of her.

"Miss Jung regained her memories." He finally continued for Yunho, trying to ignore the suffocating pressure in his chest. "But without us knowing about it, she didn't care about keeping the secret."

Yoochun silently watched Yunho absorbing the new information. He already began to understand the purpose of Miss Jessica's tale and Yoochun wished that he could have spared him.

"The secret is everything to us, the only thing left for us, the only thing keeping us alive." Yoochun continued. "Her role should have been to be a connecting link between two worlds. But she was too greedy. Miss Jung wanted it all. After we thought that she had returned to her own world, she was free from our observation. She dug too deep, wanted too much and finally, when we noticed what we had done, what she was about to do....she threatened us... and for that she payed the price."

Silence followed, until Yunho found the strength to ask:

“So she is...a turned human, without being anyone's other half? She lives through eternity alone?”

“Yes." Yoochun confirmed, and when he continued, his voice was a mere whisper. "And her soul cries out and yearns for something which won't be ever there, because she was never meant to be one of us. Her cries are only ever met by silence. Only human mates can endure the endlessness that is eternity, because they have mates, their other half which fills the emptiness of their soul. Miss Jung has to face eternity alone, until we decide that she is allowed to die."

Now, Yoochun knew, came the essential part of the story, something Yunho had to understand.

"She has a role here, Yunho." Yoochun forced himself to meet Yunho's black eyes. He knew what Yunho would see in them: a bottomless darkness consuming the last ray of hope. "Guiding people like you and making them understand that sometimes the desire of knowing and wanting too much comes with a price too high to pay.”

Yunho understood.

"She is a living warning for the following generations of hopeful guardians." His voce was bare of emotion as he said this, and Yoochun wordlessly nodded. Yunho closed his eyes, wishing that everything was a lie, but-

'Sometimes the price for knowing more than one is supposed to know is too high.' Yunho now understood what Miss Jessica had meant as she had said this to him. As he listened to the echo of her voice he felt his heart sizing with melancholic sadness.

'Choose wisely' He heard her whisper again and in his mind he saw her black eyes looking straight at his soul. He knew the answer he would give Yoochun now. He knew what Miss Jessica had meant to make him understand.

Wordlessly, he bid her farewell, thanking her for her guidance and the wordless care she had given him. When he opened his eyes and looked up back at Yoochun, he knew what he wanted. His connection to Yoochun called to him, drew him in, and before he opened his mouth to tell Yoochun about his decision he already knew that Yoochun was feeling it.

Wordlessly, Yunho got up from his seat and walked around the table to Yoochun's side. As Yoochun got up and took Yunho's hand to lead him away, out of the mansion and to one of the black cars parked neatly at the front gate, Yunho looked back at his old life for one last time.

He saw a blur of odd colors, decisions of hurt and pride and joy and so much more, a silent lead which had lived for this one moment. Lost in his thoughts, Yunho saw a gentle movement at the edge of his vision. When he turned to focus, there was nothing but a faint autumn breeze dancing through the curtains of the library on the first floor, but Yunho felt the fleeting ghost of a smile reaching his lips.

"Thank you." He whispered, hoping that she would hear and understand, before he turned to Yoochun and sat down in the car.


A/N: Are your eyes deciving you? Noooo~ it's a "Find Me" update, it's real.
There is a 2 year long gap between the last update on this and today and I am sincerly sorry.
I don't know what else to say. Sure life is busy, I am getting older and responsibilites are
piling up and up, but nothing excuses the 2 year long wait for this update.

I am surprised how many people are still reading and asking for this. Honestly, I continued to
write on this and probably never gave up on it, because people kept writing me DMs about it and
never stopped commenting. That was a huge motivation and I want to thank all of you.

Thank you so very very very much.



I want to make something clear about Jessica.
You have to understand that she is an immortal without a soul.
She was supposed to be a human -it was her destined fate, but she got turned as a punishment.
Getting turned without being a mate of a sacred being (so basically without binding ones soul)
Jessica lost her soul in the process. This is why she is so cold and seems so dead to Yunho when
he lived with her in the mansion.

Also i want to make clear that in my opinion she is a brave and beautiful woman.
She was givin a choice and decided to lose it all, because the offer was unfair and because she believed in
herself and her ability to find the strenghth within herself to remeber everything that was taken from her.
That makes her brave and unique to me. She was much braver than Yunho and for that I admire her.
So please don't hate her, but think about this and understand that in a way she is a tragic character
who never really bowed down to the powers oppressing her.

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[identity profile] abcdefghiluvyou.livejournal.com on October 9th, 2013 04:41 pm (UTC)
2 hours is ok ^^
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yeah, yunho got disowned D; but he followed his
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it's sad that his parent's don't support him.
it was influenced yeah, but it was also his own decision. there
was some kind of balance.

don't say that about Jessica please. I think she is an amazing woman
who was much much braver than Yunho. She decided to decline the offer
because it was unfair and because the "offer" wasn't really leaving her with a
choice. instead of giving in to the unfair proposal, she believed in herself and her
abilities and declined. I think thats really strong and brave and for that I admire her.
So please don't call her a greedy arrogant wench, she's really not :-))

hehehe many many things will be revealed with the following chapters~~~
about yunho, jae, and the sacred race....you will see~~~

thank you so much for reading and commenting :-)))
[identity profile] nicotine-gum.livejournal.com on October 8th, 2013 12:55 am (UTC)

Even though there was no mention of Jaejoong (!), I savoured every bit of this chapter because omg, your writing is beautiful. The way you weave the plot and introduce new elements into the story is just amazing. For example, Yunho's lineage comes as something quite unexpected to me, but I suppose I should've noticed the hints - how he excelled so effortlessly, how he felt there was something more to the universe.. but really, I just thought he was a very exceptional human being xD

I really look forward to his reaction once he discovers Jaejoong. I imagine he would be as wary as he would be enthralled, probably equal parts attracted and repulsed by his beauty (because like, how old would Jaejoong be then, if Jessica was already ancient? :x) and would take very quickly to the boy. I really hope that Yunho will be a bit of protective figure to Jaejoong - lord knows he really needs one to defend him against the rest of the world, including, and most especially, Changmin.

Minnie ah, do you still hate him? If you can't hurt Jessica because she has the same eyes, what will you do when you see him again?

[identity profile] abcdefghiluvyou.livejournal.com on October 8th, 2013 03:27 pm (UTC)
i love love love your comment. omg thank you for it ♥

I am so glad you like this, your comment made me really happy that
I wrote this down and uploaded it. there were so many times i wanted to
give upon this, because things kept interfering, but now I am really glad
I continued.

Your speculations aren't wrong ;-))) a lot of what you said is what Yunho
will logically feel, given the circumstances of course hehe.
Jessica being ancient....uhmn, Yoochun kind of tends to exaggerate. I don't
know if anyone realized this, but he was a character who made a lot of jokes
and only rarely was serious. Millenniums after, Yoochun is now someone who
hides his feelings behind all kinds of smiles.
I tried to hint it, but i probably failed OTTTTL him saying that Jessica is "ancient"
is an exaggerating though. She is old, ancient for human standards maybe,
some thousand years I would say, but not nearly as old as Jaejoong (who btw isn't
nearly as old as MinChun)

Changmin is really fragile right now. What I can say, though, is that he doesn't hate
Jaejoong anymore. He yearns for his mate so much that it drives him crazy....I'm not
sure if that's even akin to love though.

thank you sososo much for reading and commenting ♥
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You updated... I, definitely, was not prepared for this. This fic is among my top favourites even though I seriously thought it was never going to be continued. BUT THANK GOD I WAS WRONG.

I loved this chapter. I love Yunho and Jessica. I hope Yunho takes good care of Jaejoong because I'm still angry at Changmin for raping him and treating him like shit. Changmin deserves to stay sad for a couple more hundred years imo...

God, I need the last chapter. :,D
Thank you for updating~
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thank you

no mercy for Changmin hahaha, everyone agrees on that.
there will be another part on this chapter (4C) before the final chapter
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Glad you decided to continue with it! :) oh. And the build up to jaemin's meeting is painfully exquisite. All the angst and hurt involved. I approve. :)
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glad you liked it, I am actually anticipating the
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