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Find Me chapter 3 A  

Title: Find Me
Length: 3a/5 (interlude)
Pairing: MinJae, YooSu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vampire, slavery, underage-sex, rape, abuse, violence, gore, blood
Genre: horror, violence, tragedy, dark angst, taboo-themes
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: “It's the age of humankind, we have to leave. You know the elders are right, Changmin.” Yoochun's voice sounded pitiful, a touch of desperation, as he held tight onto his best friend's hand. “One day, when humankind matured, when we're lost and forgotten, when we are free to move as we like, when the world has a place for us again...one day, Minnie, you'll be allowed to look for him. He'll wait for you- You'll find him.”

Former parts:

Chapter 1: (A/B)
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Find me

Changmin thought that finding Jaejoong would only take some days, a week or two at the most, but he was proven wrong. Their newly rebound connection was nothing as strong as he had first thought, and even when Changmin called and called a whole day long for his little mate, he would only get a soft, almost shy response once or twice a week.

And so the grand search began.

Changmin searched everywhere for Jaejoong, his heart yearning to be together with his mate again. He hoped that once he would be close to where Jaejoong was, his end of the connection would give him a hint, tell him about it, lighten the path through the dark vastness of the world.

'Where are you, Jaejoong?'

Yoochun, as well as a handful of other hunting friends were helping him. But most of them had been perplexed when they first had heard that they were searching for the genius leader Changmin's mate, since no one really could remember Changmin ever owning one.

Five out of eight hunters had needed a full week to actually understand that this was neither a joke, nor that they were looking for a suitable human matching Changmin's desires (which were rumored to be pretty violent). The remaining three still thought that all of this was a good joke, probably invented by Yoochun, something to fill the monotonous empty boredom of eternity with.

All of this depressed Changmin to a great deal, since it meant that he had hidden his small mate away from most of his world. No one besides Yoochun and Junsu knew what Jaejoong actually looked like, and Yoochun could only vaguely remember his best friend's mate. Sadly, Junsu's rather vivid memories were of no great help, since it was physically impossible to take the small changed human with them on their hunts.

It was a year, then another, and eventually a decade later when Changmin had to admit that his little mate wouldn't be found this easily. He could call for Jaejoong from dawn's soft pastel kiss till dusk's soothing embrace, he could search for his mate from one end of the world to the other, he could cross oceans and deep dive into the depth of an unexplored world of black and blue, but in the end he was still alone. His mate was lost, hidden, captured and then one day Changmin didn't know what to do anymore.

'Where. Where? Where are you, Jaejoong?'

And if these bitter and unsatisfying experiences weren't putting enough obstacles in his way, there was another serious problem arising on the far horizon of the sacred spheres: a more and more independent growing mankind.

At first it had been nothing more than a joke for the inhabitants of the sacred spheres.

A ridiculous rebellion of humankind, mere children's cries of unjust to the ears of the wanderers through eternity. Yoochun's silly jokes of becoming a myth and the answering new regulations of how to feed from humankind had been nothing more to the young nobles of the sacred race than that: jokes.

But half a century had past since the four strongest human tribes had first decided to deny the existence of the sophisticated race of blood drinkers. And now in all forests and even in the small villages bordering the sacred spheres the first human children without any knowledge about the natural order of races, without any knowledge about the other, superior race beside their own, were born.

Gone were the times of Yoochun's amused laughter, gone the times the sacred race had been laying back on the steady rhythm of the centuries.

Scouts of the sacred race were irritated, almost horrified as enraged human mothers fought for their children when those were chosen to enter the forbidden realms of the superior race as servant trainees. Hunter units were left speechless, dumbfounded, as entire human tribes plainly ignored their presence when they came to register them, and men and woman of all ages disobeyed their direct orders. Younger human females merely admired the strength and beauty of those upright, unsmiling intruders.

Everywhere in the old world of the sacred beings, humans enveloped a strange sense of strength and independence, which once combined resulted into something bordering onto stubborn ignorance.

With the steady growing of this sudden independence, a healthy self-confidence was slowly spreading among the human collective. And for the first time since the beginnings of their world, the sacred race had to acknowledge the now undeniable thereness of a form of intelligence among the human race.

It was a massive shock for most of the inhabitants of the sacred spheres when they first saw humans, a race just slightly above fauna and flora, slowly developing a culture. And now Humankind was right at the act of taking the first unsure steps into intellectuality.

An uniform spoken and written language was forming among the four most important human tribes and there were people actually studying the sacred scriptures -for humankind forbidden documents securely hidden away deep inside the forests outside the sacred realms, which were now in their illiterate hands.

But even within the sacred spheres, where humans beside carefully selected servants and changed mates were forbidden, Changmin had actually seen dirty and disgustingly stinking human males sitting in the sun reading. The young noble had stopped dead in his tracks, his dark eyes had widened in pure disbelieve. Humans reading? Lowly humans showing signs of intelligence? Signs of interest into anything else beside their primal needs?

Changmin had not wanted to believe his own eyes, though later, when back in his grand mansion's library, he had snorted. Really, he couldn't believe that all of them, all the members of the sacred race with a mate, him included, were actually surprised about the existence of intelligence somewhere inside the human brain. Hadn't countless lifespans with human mates proven about the possibilities of equally respected and intellectual partners? Then why was it such a big surprise now?

Changmin couldn't believe he actually had never thought much more of humans than being his more or less brainless servants or food -even with Yoochun's noisy mate, who shamelessly loved to argue with him, living with him in his mansion.

But as frightening as the newly intellectual awakened humankind was, the most lasting effect was that the change of the human collective brought an equally change to the balance between the two races.

Older humans started to simply ignore the existence of the sacred race, a bitter and cold vibe emitting their life-burdened, bent bodies' and younger humans, affected by the omnipresent ignorance of their elders, easily forgot about the racial differences, until the superior race of blood drinkers became nothing more than a large, better looking and more pleasantly smelling social class among humankind.

But there were also more radical groups of people, deciding on a different path to deny the existence of another, superior race.

Changmin was shocked to death as one early morning Junsu's loud and horrified shrieks woke him up, the small changed human's body trembling with fear as his mate, a very enraged Yoochun, slaughtered a middle-aged human male at the center of Changmin's grand entrance hall.

Later, when Yoochun was gone to take a quick shower to get rid of all the blood and grime, Junsu told Changmin about how he had heard a unfamiliar sound from the main entrance while he had been in the kitchen, cooking himself a pot of rice.

Changmin hid his disgust at those words and Junsu smiled playfully, before telling him that when he had left the kitchen - as such a strange sound of clumsy and heavy footsteps was rather rare to hear in Changmin's grand mansion, only to find himself face to face with a stranger -a human, with a weapon in his dirty hands.

Changmin wouldn't have believed him if it weren't for his own eyes, which rested upon the bloody mess on his marble floor. This was something unheard of, something awful, something shameful. A lowly human trying to hurt an inhabitant of the sacred spheres?

Yet the attack against Junsu, the known changed human mate of Yoochun, Yoochun, member of the old and prestigious Park-clan, was only the prelude to countless attacks against the weaker ends of a sacred connection.

Changed mates all over the old world were suddenly endangered, and word spread that furious humans talked about erasing the existence of their changed, immortal lives, which were so obviously against the rules and order of nature and a violation of humankind itself.

Changmin doubted that those humans knew enough about his race or the connection shared between a sacred being and a mate to kill someone like Junsu effectively, but his own missing mate made it very clear to him and a lot of other people, who otherwise would have laughed off the possible danger humans became to their dearly beloved mates, that there were ways to weaken even them.

It maybe wasn't possible to kill them for good, but capturing and hiding their mates away from their other halves for all eternity, away from what made them whole and alive, humans could hurt them, could cut members of the superior race into half, make them bleed internally without ever realizing, until it was too late, until one was only half alive, until keeping them apart was just as good as killing them, and Changmin's heart had beaten so hard and painfully when he had explained this to Yoochun as soon as the man had stepped out the shower.

Yoochun's eyes had softened, his hands around Junsu suddenly more protective, while a wave of honest sympathy had washed over and then down Changmin's spine. The young noble had swallowed and then hurriedly had excused himself to walk out in the forests, searching for his mate in a sudden urge bordering close on panic.

Changmin felt like suffocating when one day humankind overrun the sacred realms, the hunters and nobles of the sacred race no longer able to staunch the flow of humankind's explosively increased total population. Changmin felt like dying when new laws were passed, new rules were statutorily regulated.

He no longer was allowed to wander around the forests, not even in his own, he no longer had the time to search for his mate, he no longer had the permission to raise his morale, strengthen his health and brace his nerves with the power of blood taken from a faceless stranger in the hope to connect with his mate.

The undeniable fact of intelligence among humankind forced the guardians of the sacred realms, the guardians of intelligence, civilization and culture, to acknowledge the hitherto inferior race, rather than killing and fighting down their revolutionary evolution.

And having no other choice but to look on helplessly how humankind claimed the world all for itself, Changmin was forced to submit to the elders' decision to leave the sacred spheres, to hide away from humankind, to get wiped out of the human collective, to make place for the young arising race...to let go of the idea to wander around, searching for his lost mate.

“It's the age of humankind, we have to leave. You know the elders are right, Changmin.” Yoochun's voice sounded pitiful, a touch of desperation, as he held tight onto his best friend's hand. “One day, when humankind has matured, when we're lost and forgotten, when we are free to move as we like, when the world has a place for us again...one day, Minnie, you'll be allowed to look for him. He'll wait for you- You'll find him.”

Changmin took a deep breath as Yoochun compassionately held him tight for a moment, before reluctantly letting go. Both young nobles stood on the grand and protruding balcony of Changmin's grand mansion, their gazes wandering over land which no longer belonged to them.

One day.

Changmin bit on his lower lip and from the corner of his eyes he could see Junsu, hesitantly stepping closer to the two best friends, his form somehow seeming much smaller and frailer than normally, as he quickly closed the remaining distance to his mate and snuggled up close to Yoochun's side with a relieved sigh passing his full lips.

Changmin watched them watching the bloody red of the setting sun for a last time, and a tiny jerk deep inside of him arched and twisted as he stepped back from the intimacy of the moment. Oh sacred mateship. Changmin swallowed past a bitter lump.

'I'll find you, Jaejoong. I swear, I'll find you'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Looking back at his life, Jaejoong, lost somewhere in the endless nothingness of his mind, had to admit that he had never been a lucky one.

From the very beginning of his life -from when he had been born, until this very moment, when his off-turned consciousness was forced back to face pain and suffering after only mere hours of blissful oblivion, he had been constantly following his ill-fated path.

He had been born to a family with eight older sisters, one more beautiful than the next. His parents both had been not too thrilled when he had seen the light of day and his sisters had been anything but happy, being told to look after the disturbingly silent baby with those creepy big eyes.

When Jaejoong had finally been old enough to understand what his older sisters had constantly teased him with, he had been distraught and upset. For the first time in his life understanding why his parents wouldn't look at him and why he was constantly ignored by their fellow tribe members.

His small heart had hurt so much when his six years older sister had bent her not-yet-fully-enveloped body down, but careful so that not even one strand of her hair would touch her little brother's skin, to tell him about the horrified shriek their mother had emitted years ago, as soon as she had let her frantic postpartum gaze fall upon her newborn's face.

Jaejoong's small hands had come up to cup his pale cheeks, his full bottom lip wobbling as he had listened to his sister's melodic and delighted voice. ”It's true, Jaejoong. I heard her. I heard her scream thiiiiiiiis loud!”

She had told him about the way their mother had refused to breastfeed him, terrified of those big eyes, and how their father had been the one to convince her, only to look bitter and hateful as the small baby learned to crawl, to run, to talk...

When Jaejoong had been old enough to understand all of this, he had been hurt and confused, and as soon as his sister had left him to play with their other sisters, he had crouched down on the ground, right where he had stood, and had bawled his eyes out.

He hadn't understood the importance of beauty to his race yet, and he most certainly had not understood what beauty actually was. His small, five years old mind had been confused enough about the fact that his ugliness, his big eyes and his soft and light hair, his full lips and his pale skin had been the reasons why his parents wouldn't look at him and love him like they loved all his older sisters.

He couldn't know about his tribes ambitions of climbing the social ladder. With the beauty of most their females and the strength and handsomeness of more or less all the males, Jaejoong's tribe had wanted to become one of the more noticed and prestigious human tribes, which were allowed to live right beside the borders of the sacred spheres. Close to the sophisticated race of blood drinkers, and close to the scouts, which would take their children and offer them better lives, if only for a lifespan of twenty and some more years.

They had been on a good way to find their place among the ranks of those few, special tribes, and then Jaejoong had been born. A savage among their beauty, dirt upon their pride. And the tribe had tried everything, everything to hide the boy, to lock him away from the few hunter's eyes, who had found their way into their forests to claim the beauty of Jaejoong's sisters.

Jaejoong's bad luck had led him to be born in a year his tribe had been safe from the check-ups of the sacred race. In a five-year-tact hunters of the sacred race visited the listed human tribes to take notes of the children who had been born and the people who had been taken, males and females segregated and on different lists.

Just half a year after such a check-up, Jaejoong had been born to the world, and from age two onwards, when it had been clear to everyone that his eyes would probably stay the big way they had been ever since, and his hair most probably wouldn't grow darker anytime soon, the tribe had tried its best to get rid of him.

It hadn't been easy to corner the boy, since his parents made sure Jaejoong was locked inside their tent, never allowed to go out and play with the other children, or to wander around the eastern forests.

But Jaejoong had been a kid like every other child too, so he had sneaked his way out of his stuffy prison, excitedly making his way out, his little mind occupied with all the games he had heard from outside the tent he now wanted to play with the other children. The adults had waited for him, and the boy had been too absent-minded to notice them, his feet carrying him right into the arms of the people who wanted to hurt him most.

Most of the time it had been thanks to one of his older sisters that he had survived the countless attacks from the other tribe members. The girl had loved him despite his poor looks, maybe because she always had been the least beautiful one in the family until the day Jaejoong had been born.

With her twisted ways of saving his sorry ass from getting bricked, from drowning in a nearby lake and from getting beaten to death the first time he had been successful at escaping his parent's tent, she had been the first person in his life who had cared for him... In a way, and who in return had been important and dear to him.

Too bad that she had been the first one out of his eight sisters to be taken by hunters of the sacred race. Apparently they had disagreed with the human tribe's opinion of her being not as beautiful as her sisters, and it had been this tiny little piece of information, which had come into Jaejoong's mind only, whenever he had tried to remember, to recall anything about his favorite sister.

Half a year later he hadn't been able to remember her name anymore, but the fact that she had been chosen never left his mind.

It made him smile sometimes, with broken lips after a severe beating, with his nose running with dark blood, with his small body shivering from pain, because maybe, maybe one day someone would find him and save him and tell him that he was beautiful, that he was lovable, that 'ugly' was just a word used by his parents and other humans, who were blind to the beauty of one's inner light. Because if his sister had been anything, she had been warm and calming, his sanctuary in a cold world without comfort.

His tribe still had thought differently about it.


So The first time Jaejoong's tribe was visited by a delegation of well selected, promising hunters, they made sure to hide the boy deep inside their forests. Jaejoong was drugged and his unconscious form tied to a huge tree, and more than a few of his fellow tribe members prayed for a bear or an other beast to find the boy and eat him, when they left him alone in the forests.

Jaejoong had been seven, only seven years old back that time. And sleeping peacefully, his mind diving deeper into a calm sea of oblivion, he missed his first chance of meeting his future mate, Changmin.


Because of perfectly understandable and utterly plausible reasons- totally oblivious to all of his future mate's suffering, Changmin was on duty with a hunter unit in the far eastern forests, which happened to be Jaejoong’s homeland.

Changmin, at that time still years away from coming off age, was one of the selected hunters to visit the listed tribes there. Annoyed and impatient, and feeling slightly unwell without really knowing why, he waited for the whole goddamned registration to end, and only reluctantly offered his help with listing up the newborn female children.

He was angry and frustrated, yearning to finish this unnecessary idiocy, this waste of time, so he could return home to his best friend's site, to his library, to his beloved books, far far away from those stinking humans. While he wrote down the number of newborn baby girls in the village, he thought about all the things he'd much rather do right at this moment...

Researching some more about the sacred bounds of mateship for instance. He gritted his teeth at this thought, his hands clenching into fists and a human mother was quick to take her baby girl out of the enraged hunter's sight.

He cursed inwardly, envy eating its burning way into his whole body. His insides were quite viciously jerking, and he needed to take in some deep breaths to calm down again.

Changmin continued with his task, the slight arch in his heart, the tingling sensation in his veins and the irregular heartbeat since he had entered the small human village bothering him, but he managed to dismiss it all as the echoes of his embitterment, because of the fact that Yoochun had managed to find and claim a mate before him.

Fucking Yoochun, who had managed to claim a mate before him. Fucking Yoochun who had always laughed at him for wishing so desperately for his mate, fucking Yoochun who had always wished to stay single himself.


”Yoochun, do you really don't want to find your mate? I don't understand you, I'm wishing so much for it...”

Yoochun just laughed at him.

“Aw, come on Minnie. I'm not as romantic as you are, or let's say I see the whole mystery about 'mateship' with more realistic eyes.” Changmin's best friend smirked before continuing. “You see, either you find a human mate -which is almost impossible and also fucking tiring because they die so easily- or you end up with a mate from our own race, which would be beyond boring. Just imagine spending eternity with one and the fucking same person!!!”

Yoochun -philanthropist through and through when it came to loving certain parts of human bodies- paled just imagining this, before shuddering and taking a deep breath. “You know Changminnie, eternity is an ass-fucking long time to devote all my love for people to only one soul.”


Changmin gritted his teeth again. And then that asshole of a best friend had gone to the markets, looking out for a new human slave to share his bed with, and naturally had ended up finding his fated one, his missing half, his other part of the whole. And a human missing half too, mais bien sûr!*

It wasn't fair. Yoochun had always made it clear that he detested the whole concept of mateship. And he, Changmin, had spent most of his life researching everything about it, yearning to find his mate, wishing that he would be allowed to cross the path of his fated one even when time and space made this one wish almost impossible.

So why, why, why, why had it to be Yoochun, who had found his mate first?

But then this shouldn't really have surprised Changmin so much, considering the fact that up until now all members of Yoochun's family -the great Park Clan- had always ended up with a mate, human or not, at some point of their eternal lives.

Changmin frowned upon thinking about that, and then felt a bit guilty for his envy towards his best friend.

It wasn't as if Yoochun hadn't his good reasons to detest the sacred bounds of mateship so much. But even if Yoochun hated the whole idea of spending the rest of his life with only one person, there was little that he could do against it.

Mates were just bound to fall in love with each other. It was hard, almost impossible, to resist the deep emotional attachment both ends of the connection grew to feel for their partner, and sooner or later shared.

But Yoochun had not even tried to resist and that had been what had surprised Changmin most.

At first Changmin had been sure that his best friend had been simply too stupid to realize that his extravagant days of amusement had come to an end, but soon it had been Changmin, who had come to admit that he himself had been too stupid to see that his best friend just had fallen for the depth of comfort mateship almost automatically had offered him.

Yoochun's little mate, that cute human boy called Junsu, had made Yoochun forget about the way his parents, who had loved each other dearly and faithfully, had fallen apart because of this thing called mateship. A long time ago, Yoochun's mother had found her destined half and had left the family temporarily to be together with her mate, undisturbed by her family. A short time later Yoochun's father had followed, who had found his missing part in his wife's mate's sister.

Coincident much? Changmin and Yoochun had spent endless hours discussing about fate and the existence of destiny after this.

And right now, with utterly annoying human baby girls wailing the last sane pieces of his brain into sludge, Changmin never had been more sure about the cruel existence of fate.

Writing down the name and parent's names of the next baby, Changmin pressed his lips shut into a firm line to stop himself from cursing aloud. It was still so unfair. And it totally didn't matter to him that it hadn't been his best friends fault, nor his intentions to get a mate when the man just had wanted to take a stroll on the markets.

Still... Changmin was here, among a crowd of stinking and annoying and loud and wailing humans, wasn't he? And his fucking head hurt and then this stupid ache in his heart -and goddamnit, why the fuck did his fucking heart beat so fast? And where the fuck did this unnecessary uneasiness came from? Dammit, dammit, dammit.

While Yoochun... Well fuck, while Yoochun was most probably taking a good afternoon nap right now, his mate surely tightly and securely pressed against his warmed-up body -both of them naked and exhausted from their nightly activities.

And Changmin was the one who should know about it, because Yoochun had decided to stay at his best friend's, Changmin's mansion, rather than settling down at his own place as soon as his little mate had overcome the aftereffects of his first shocking blood loss.

The elders had given Yoochun some time off of duties (duties Changmin had no right to decline, but that didn't mean that he hadn't tried to) so that he would have the time to get to know his newly found mate better. And not without bitterness, Changmin had left his mansion and the newly bounded mates to join up with his unit as soon as the morning had arisen.

Changmin snapped back to the present when a human mother's voice shyly told him her baby girl's name, and after sneering at the woman -a reflex he always used against humans to demonstrate his superiority- hurried to scribble down the information.

Hurray, the last annoying wailing worm in the row. And from the corner of his eyes Changmin saw that his fellow hunting mates were already half done with the baby-boy row... So it wouldn't be considered rude of him, the great Changmin, not to offer his help to them, thank god.

Changmin turned to his team's alpha, relieve and exhaustion pooling beneath thin layers of self-control in his dark eyes. The team's alpha eyed the young noble carefully, noticing the way how Changmin seemed to suppress a grimace every now and then, and how his fingers clenched into fists occasionally. The alpha tilted his head worriedly, deeply in thoughts.

It was a known fact that the young Shim had his problems with humans. Having been raised in the most prestigious and idyllic areas of the sacred spheres, surrounded by luxury and the wonders of beauty, the young noble detested the filth, the desperation and the hard and unaesthetic human way of living.

A baby boy gave a loud shriek and a bunch of children started to wail abruptly, and the alpha saw a dangerous expression passing his young protégé's eyes.

“Shim!”, he hissed, making the young man cringe, and the alpha saw how shame immediately flushed Changmin's cheeks. They had not entered the eastern forests to vent their anger on the humans they were supposed to list up.

“Shim, you better go and cool your head off in the forests.”, there was no room for discussions and Changmin obeyed, his long legs carrying him into the forests in the blink on an eye. He took a deep, shuddering breath and then looked around, unsure in which direction to turn. He took a tiny step deeper inside the eastern forests and-

Something inside of Changmin jumped and under the suddenly frantic rush of blood in his ears, he could swear he feel something...someone calling to him from the forests. Changmin was paralyzed, his heart beating so hard it felt like it would break through the safety of his ribcage.

The arch in his heart was unbearable now, begging him to go, begging him to cross the distance, begging him to follow that tiny call deep inside of him...

Changmin obeyed the silent plea, unconsciously taking a step further into the forests and then he almost fainted when he felt lightheaded, the pressure on his chest lifted all of a sudden with an inner, though earsplitting loud shout of joy.

'What the-', he took another unsteady step inside the darkening forest and promptly felt a tiny happy nudge inside of him. Something was begging and pulling him forward, leaving no options in its urgency than obeying the silent demand and following the invisible lead. Changmin was pretty sure that it was his intuition talking to him, but still he felt uneasy without absolute control over his body-leading mind.

Changmin could still hear the shouts and commanding voices of his fellow hunter mates through the silence of the forest, and every now and then he turned, unsure looking back, trying to ignore the sudden blaze of resentful inner protest. And soon the sounds were dulled, as if from afar, but when Changmin turned his body and checked for the distance after what felt like several more heartbeats, he had entered the forest by only 100 meters or less.

Confused, because he was sure to be deeper inside the calling forest, he turned around and towards the direction of the invisible pull, instantly feeling how his insides jumped in cheerful anticipation. Changmin took a deep breath and then another step into the forest, suppressing a sigh of pleasure as something warm and comfortable licked at his tingling spine.

He walked with steady steps into the forest, following an invisible path paved with invisible stones only for his eyes. He was right at the process of walking around a huge oak, his heart beating louder and faster, when he heard a sharp voice cutting through the silence of the forest.

Changmin froze, immediately coming to a halt, while his insides screamed, screamed screamed at him to continue walking to- Please just around the oak, please Changmin listen. Please Changmin, just around the oak-.

He hesitated, eyes flickering in uncertainty, but then that sharp voice once again cut through the silent trees. And this time Changmin noticed his name being called out.

He swallowed, took a startled step backwards, suppressed a pained groan as his insides cramped in punishment and then licked his lips, his eyes darting back in front of him and around the oak. He hesitated again, tongue coming out to pressed between his dry lips and then he lifted his right foot, to take the tiny step forwards-

When out of nowhere a cold hand harshly wrapped around his forearm, turning him around to face an angry team's alpha.

“Shim!”, the alpha's voice wasn't angry, it was furious. “Shim! Goddamn it! Shim are you deaf! I fucking called you for ages!”

Changmin blinked and then jumped in confusion as he noticed the darkened sky and the cold embrace of the night around them. It was nighttime, dark already? But...just now it had been nightfall and the sun had been setting beyond the far away mountains.

The sun-drenched sky had been golden, with streaks of rosy light melting into mauve on the far away edges of the horizon and Changmin had been lost at the beauty of the moment, before the silent pull had demanded all his attention...how could he have possibly missed the change of daylight and -time?

But the sky was undoubtedly black, starlit and vast, and indicating nothing else than an advanced nighttime. He blinked again, turning to face the angry eyes of his leader with slightly confused ones.

“I... am sorry. I didn't notice. I apologize.”, he bowed his upper body, his eyes still wide with confusion. He heard his team's alpha sighing in annoyance, before the man gave a accepting grunt and Changmin lifted his upper body back into a straight posture.

A glance into his leader's annoyed eyes and Changmin knew the man must be wondering about how the fuck his team's hunter prodigy, the young Shim, could have possibly lost himself and his excellent senses in those well-known forests.

Changmin bit his lower lip, ignored the raging, up-roaring pain inside of his body and turned his body to take a step back to where the rest of their team was left behind. His alpha shot him another annoyed look, before wordlessly taking the lead.

Changmin swallowed, his shoulders coming up in uneasiness and he took a quick and insecure glance backwards to the giant oak, before shuddering at his cramping insides and then quickly turned to follow his alpha.

As Changmin left the forest at a fast pace, the wind shifted and a cold night breeze rustled through the dry leaves of the big oak. Some of the leaves shuddered, before silently kissing their tiny branches goodbye only to float gracefully through the cool air and down on their short journey to the soft moss-covered forrest ground.

They gently rustled in the soft breeze, swinging left and right in the shifting air, before slowly falling down, past a small and crouched body, bound on two low and massive branches of the big oak.

Jaejoong was sleeping silently, his small body shivering in the cold night air, while his soon-to-be-other-half, Changmin, slipped past the trees encircling the small village of Jae's tribe, their faint, not yet blood-bounded connection twisting and wavering in the air like the silent leaves falling around Jaejoong's motionless body.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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[identity profile] ramapi.livejournal.com on September 29th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
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[identity profile] takelo14.livejournal.com on September 29th, 2010 04:10 am (UTC)
SPOT!!!!!!! OMG! u just made my day! I've Been waiting for this FOREVER!!!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!
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[identity profile] radioheading.livejournal.com on September 29th, 2010 10:10 am (UTC)
I love, love, love this. I just got back from my orientation and tore through it as quickly as I could read.

Update soon, bb?
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[identity profile] harunotenshi.livejournal.com on February 10th, 2015 12:28 pm (UTC)
so at that young age, for both of them, they had felt their souls calling to each other... but they didn't end up meeting yet... and changmin wasn't of age at the time and jaejoong had been drugged asleep and tied to a tree...

what a cruel tribe. is jaejoong really that ugly in the eyes of his own tribe?
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