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See You Tomorrow  
Title: See You Tomorrow
Length: oneshot
Pairing: Minho/Taemin
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [livejournal.com profile] abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: [livejournal.com profile] wynnetimate and I decided to write smut based on 2min's recent pictures for the esquire photoshoot :D

A/N: apparently there is a lack of inspiration in my brain when it comes to finding
suiting titles ...sorry sorry sorry :'DD

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Taemin: Click

See You Tomorrow

Taemin squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, all eyes on him, while he saw a pleased smirk spreading on the school council president's lips. He tried to fight the heat of his blushing cheeks, tried to avoid the shocked eyes darting from the president to him and back, tried to ignore the surprised gasps.

His fingers pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose, long lashes brushing the thick glasses. He tried to hide, but failed miserably.

He wanted to open his helpless mouth, wanted to fight his way out of what the president had just suggested him, a freshman, to do, but it was someone else standing up in disbelieve, taking his side and trying to get him out of this terrible situation.

“You can't be serious! Taemin?! He can't-” The voice was cut abruptly, another angry one interrupting: “He can't do that, Taemin is too sweet, too young, you can't be seriously thinking that-” Another one joining, full of indignation.

Taemin felt his tense body slightly relaxing at the prospects of people from the upper classes arguing with the president for his sake, but when his eyes quickly darted to the front, his breath stopped at the still unwavering, pleased smirk on the president's lips.


He was so screwed. There was no way he, or anyone, could talk him out of this.

Taemin groaned and cursed the day he had decided to follow his crush into this old and renowned all-boys private boarding school.

Oh the irony, oh the irony.

He swallowed down an ugly sound.


Taemin chewed on his bottom lip, fingers playing nervously with the hem of his white uniform shirt, while he indecisively walked up and down the silent hall of their school-dorm's second floor, not sure if he wanted to knock on the door he was supposed to or not.

Choi Minho

Taemin sighed, read the small and neatly engraved, golden plate on the door again, before turning his body and walking down the hallway for the nth time. He hesitated at the end of the hallway, but then walked down towards the door again, eyes fluttering shut, legs shaking a little as blurry images of Minho flashed through his mind.

Minho sitting on a chair in his classroom, reading a book as Taemin walked past his seniors' hallways. Minho crouched down on the soccer field, sweat running down his handsome face while he stared at his team members in concentration. Minho sitting by one of their library's huge windows, crossing eyes with him while he, Taemin, hid his blushing cheeks behind his book. Minho looking at him. Minho holding his hand. Minho pressing him close. Minho kissing him...

A cruel imitation of a silent movie, only that it was playing backwards, until Taemin blinked the image of his seven year old self clinging onto nine years old Minho away.

He paused, stared uncertainly at the dark mahogany of the door and then pressed his lips shut, anxiety creeping up his spine while he slowly stepped closer, until his hand rested flat against the wooden surface.

It wasn't fair. How was he supposed to win someone like Minho for the student council? He might have known him what felt like many years before, but facing Minho now was so difficult. The Minho he had known had turned into a distant and superior senior, with every ounce of him emitting nobility and sophistication, just as it was to be expected from a member of the old and prestigious Choi-family.

And that was exactly why the student council wanted Minho to be a member of them and why they used him, Taemin, the only one with a past shared with Minho, to convince him into becoming one.

Too bad that Minho never had shown any interest in any activity besides the obligatory class time. Too bad that Minho apparently didn't like to socialize with anyone and anything but his books.

Taemin sighed, but a moment later took a deep breath and forced himself to remember the way Minho's lips had always turned into a crooked smile whenever the two of them had been together when they had been in middle school, and then tensed his hand against the door, ready to knock.

For a split second he was only standing there, gathering all his courage, and the next second something akin to panic washed down his spine as he suddenly knew, felt, that behind the safety of the door, someone was standing and waiting for him to make his move.

It was as if the air around him was suddenly pulsing, a feeling of being watched getting up his hackles, as goosebumps tickled up and down his body. A unfamiliar, predatory vibe was wrapping around his frozen body and then Taemin had a moment of a heartbeat's lifespan, before the door suddenly swung open and a rough hand closed around the wrist of his hand that had been against the wood just a mere second ago, harshly pulling the boy inside with a rough jerk.

Taemin cried out, his body colliding with an other one, the hand around his wrist tightening, before the door slammed shut and the falling light from the hallway was cut, leaving him confused and disoriented in the twilight of the blinding-shut darkness.

He was so screwed.

He chocked on a small, panicked sound deep in his throat before he could help it and tensed as he heard a boy's deep chuckle from somewhere above his head. Taemin's cheeks blushed against the expensive mohair of the other boy's uniform jacket, before he slowly lifted his head, blinking in the half-darkness to see, only to freeze as he looked right into Choi Minho's dark shimmering eyes.

God, he was so screwed.

Minho was staring at him, looking as if he was three seconds away from doing something Taemin wasn't even sure he wanted to understand. He quickly dropped his eyes, hiding them behind his glasses, behind his bangs.

He would never admit it openly, but god, he was scared. He was about to piss his pants, because this wasn't the Minho he remembered, this was neither the happy and kindly smiling boy with whom he had played and searched for insects in the endless green gardens of large nobility gatherings, while their parents had sipped their champagne, nor was he the gentle senior of his first middle school years, who had taken his hand and had kissed him in the silent secrecy of their library.

Taemin felt how the warm palm of a large hand pressed down his spine, coming to a halt at the small of his back, to press his lower body against the others hard form. He gasped at the pressure, made another sound at the back of his throat, this one dangerously close to a helpless sob.

Another deep chuckle, and Taemin found himself flat against a solid chest, and then the world spun, his feet stumbled, before his back collided hard against a wall, knocking off his breath from his lungs as well as his glasses from his nose.

Taemin gasped, and then a shudder ripped through his body, as warm and wet lips closed around his gasping mouth, pressing against his flesh, confusing him, while he desperately tried to comprehend what was happening to him.

Minho trapped the younger boy's helpless body between the wall and his own, pressing hard against him, while his large hands twisted Taemin's wrists together, pressing them against the wall firmly, his other hand busy roaming Taemin's trapped body.

The younger boy cried out, the sound swallowed by Minho's forceful lips tough, and Taemin shuddered, tried to squirm in the older boy's hard grip but only ended up closer against Minho's body.

The kiss was so different form the ones back those times, so foreign to Taemin, who remembered the gentle touch of velvet against his begging lips. He pressed his eyes shut, tried to struggle, but Minho simply pressed closer, almost suffocating him, while he still devoured his lips with passion.

He gasped for oxygen as Minho's lips finally released him, damp air hitting his wet and swollen lips, brushing over his heated cheeks, as Minho was panting hard too. The older boy leaned down, tongue licking the corners of Taemin's trembling lips, before slipping back in, teeth pulling on the younger boy's swollen lower lip.

Taemin's mind was spinning, emotions melting together into numbness, and then Minho's knee forced its way between his shaking legs, his hard and flexed thigh rubbing against Taemin's helpless abdomen.

Taemin mewled, bit his and Minho's lower lip to stop the pathetic sound, but only ended up whining as Minho pressed harder against him as a punishment. His wrists jerked and struggled in Minho's firm grasp, and the older boy smirked against Taemin's lips, pressed his thigh flat against the younger boy's groin and then took each delicate wrist in one of his hands.

He let go of Taemin's lips with a wet and obscene sound, leaving the boy gasping for air, helplessly leaning against the wall, the younger boy's round eyes dazed, as he lifted Taemin's hands to his lips, kissing where arteries pulsed frantically against pale skin.

He smirked against Taemin's skin, the younger boy watching him with confused eyes, and Minho licked his lips, taking in the seductive sight in front of him.

Taemin's cheeks were flushed, eyes dazed and shimmering, his lips swollen and pink, pulsing slightly as if asking for Minho to bend his body down and devour them again. His light brown hair was sticking to his damp skin, beads of sweat pearled down his temples, and Minho had to chuckle in amusement, because it took so little to have Taemin's sweet body reacting this intense to his touches.

He rubbed his thigh against Taemin's groin firm and slow, watched how the boy's lips formed a surprised 'O' and how his eyes fluttered close at the delicious friction. Minho watched the boy leaning into his touch unintentionally and that moment wanted nothing more than to take him, pressed against the wall as he was. For the time being though, he settled for putting Taemin's hands on his broad shoulders, before his own expertly slipped underneath the boy's uniform shirt.

Taemin cried out as cold fingertips caressed and then dipped into the tense and heated skin of his stomach. A faint whisper of Minho's name slipped past his lips and the older boy hardly suppressed a grin, one of his hands slipping beneath the tight-belted waistband of Taemin's pants.

It wasn't easy, too tight to slip his whole hand inside, so Minho made a displeased sound, his fingernails digging into brief-clad skin, making the helpless boy in his hold mewl in pleasure and pain, before he withdrew his hand from Taemin's skin.

“Take it off.”

The whisper was hot against Taemin's twitching ear, and for a second the boy snapped out of the blinding pleasure, the deliciously numbing pressure, and his head shot upwards, facing Minho's demanding eyes, Taemin's own widening while he stared into the older boy's dark orbs. There was no way he could disobey, not with every part of his conscious screaming at him to just submit to Minho's power over his body.

Taemin decided that maybe letting himself fall, storing his anxious thoughts and insecure memories away for the moment, wasn't the worst idea.

With trembling hands, and under Minho's wordlessly observing gaze, Taemin carefully unbuckled his belt, his pants immediately slipping down his narrow hips, the boy exhaling sharply as cold air hit his exposed skin.

Minho took Taemin's hands back into his own, guiding them around his neck. It only took him one glance into Taemin's unsure eyes demanding that they better stayed there, before his hands roamed up and down pale thighs, without Taemin able to do anything against them.

Taemin tensed, but then only a second later relaxed into the warm touch caressing his skin, even pressing back into the warming palms, because the touch was something familiar, something he actually clung onto, while everything else was so disconcerting and strange.

Minho's fingertips brushed over his still brief-clad, half hardened cock and Taemin mewled before he could help it, earning himself a low chuckle, before Minho's one hand slipped back under Taemin's white uniform shirt, searching for his nipples, the other playing with the elastic band of his briefs.

Minho's index was barely slipping past the waistband, the backside of his fingertip, his nail, only sliding left and right under the band, but his thumb was pressing against Taemin's twitching cock, firmly rubbing up and down against the cotton surface of his briefs. It didn't take his ministrations long to wet Taemin's briefs with the boy's own precum, and when he let go Taemin had the bold audacity to curse under his shaking breath.

Minho leaned back in surprise, a smirk on his lips, before his warm hand closed fully around Taemin's clothed erection, palming the bulge which twitched under his touch.

“Such language, Dongsaeng...” he all but purred, his voice smooth and pleased as Taemin only managed to let out a strangled cry at the same moment Minho's fingers finally slipped past the waistband to cup the warm and damp and hardened flesh in his palm.

Taemin's hands tightened around Minho's neck and the boy pressed closer against Minho's body, while he tried to hide his still blushing cheek against the crook of older boy's neck.

Rocking his hips against Minho's hand, he desperately tried to blend out his screaming thoughts full of confusion and shame. His eyes fluttered, long lashes kissing the apple of his pink cheeks, as Minho pressed their groins together, his large hand sandwiched between their bodies but still rubbing up and down Taemin's heated flesh.

Taemin moaned against Minho's neck while the older boy wrapped one of his hands beneath Taemin's thigh and hiked the younger boy's leg up to wrap it around his waist. Taemin surprised them both with instantly lifting up his other leg and with a jump quickly wrapping both of them around the older boy.

Minho tensed for a split second, before he shifted and pressed Taemin as hard as he could against the wall to steady his balance. Taemin gasped, his lips forming a pout on instinct and he mewled, he mewled, before Minho bent down and quickly ravished those pink lips calling for him, his warm hand around Taemin jerking and tightening until the boy squirmed in his hold.

Taemin was breathless when Minho let go of him and with heavy-lidded eyes watched Minho unbuttoning his uniform shirt. Taemin blushed as he realized that he was at the process of being pressed half naked between Minho and a god damned wall, while the older boy still wore his whole uniform neatly on his body.

Hyung...“ he whined, rocked his hips against Minho but then steadied himself, his fingers slipping from around Minho's neck to the front, fingertips brushing up and down the older boy's shirt and jacket clad chest, before his fingers played with the dark necktie at the front.

Minho chuckled as Taemin's hands clumsily freed him from his necktie, but gasped as the cloth cocked him a second later. He glared down at Taemin, who blushed helplessly and then Minho slipped his hand free from Taemin's briefs, both his hands tightening around the younger boy's small frame for a second as Minho decided to get rid of their clothes.

His hands were quickly stripping Taemin off his uniform, the boy's legs bending obediently in the air as Minho first gripped the left and then the right ankle, freeing Taemin from his pants and briefs.

Minho's eyes darkened as the boy was naked against his body, Taemin's skin pale against the dark grey of Minho's uniform. He licked his lips, ignored Taemin's moaned protest as he stayed fully clothed, his hands roaming up and down Taemin's exposed body rather than unbuttoning his own shirt.

He cupped pale ass cheeks in his warm palms, kneading the tense flesh until it warmed and softened under his touch. Taemin groaned, licked his lips and then pressed his face back against Minho's neck, his lips sucking on tanned skin, pink tongue licking fine beads of salty sweat from the musky surface.

He felt Minho shuddering against him and smiled, but his lips detached themselves from the older boy a split second later for a gasp, as cold fingertips brushed up and down his cleft. Taemin had absolutely no idea how they had found their way down there, but as the first fingertip brushed over his quivering hole, his opening strangely there and present all of a sudden, Taemin decided that he did not really wanted to know.

He moaned, tightened his arms around Minho's neck and lifted himself from the wall, desperately clinging on the older boy as he tried to give those brushing fingers better acces to his behind. He pressed his chest flat against Minho's, a loud whine escaping his lips as his nipples pressed against the slightly itchy surface of Minho's mohair jacket.

“H...Hyung...” Taemin's voice was husky, trembling with feverish heat.

Minho's fingers worked over his hole, rubbing across it, again and again, until the soft flesh turned pink and friction-swollen, pulsing whenever it was free from the pressure of Minho's fingertips.

Taemin mewled and moaned, his hips desperately rocking against Minho for friction, part of him trying to ease the heat from his now dripping cock, part of him trying to catch the teasing fingers inside his channel. He missed how Minho quickly brought up two of his fingers into his mouth, sucking on them for a minute, before lowering them back against Taemin's begging hole. He smirked.

“You missed me?”

So he remembered. Taemin froze at that question just as a finger slipped past his pink rim, rubbing his insides slowly, tracing the blossoming 'O' with saliva-burning friction. Taemin's eyes fluttered close, flushed cheeks turning even a darker shade of pink as he moaned, loud and throaty and so full of need, his body rocking in Minho's strong hold, begging for more, his fingers clutching onto Minho's broad shoulders.

He couldn't answer, but images of his childhood and early middle-school years flashed in front of his closed eyes and his throat and chest tightened as he realized how much indeed he had missed his Minho from his past. He pressed his face against Minho's skin, muffling his choked gasps as he slowly, barely noticeable, nodded his head yes.

Minho's eyes darkened as he inserted another finger as a reward, two now slipping in and out Taemin's clenching hole. Minho's pants-clad thigh shifted until it pressed hard against Taemin's cock and the younger boy jolted, cried out, and desperately tried to rock his hips, but only lost his balance, his body falling backwards while his fingers panicky tightened on Minho's shoulders.

Hot breath escaped him as the back of his head hit the wall behind him with a dull thud, his thighs around Minho's waist tightened and flexed as he tried to raise his hips, tried to slide up and down those long digits penetrating his tight channel.

Minho hissed as Taemin impaled himself as deep as possible on his middle and index, felt his cock wetting his briefs and finally decided that now would be a good time to undress himself. As quickly as possible with only one free hand he stripped out of his jacket and shirt, his pants following short as soon as he fought down the zipper.

Both Minho and Taemin moaned as their heated skin finally touched and the younger boy gasped, groaned and then tried to press closer against the hard bulge tenting Minho's briefs, which dug into the soft and pale flesh of his lower stomach.

Minho licked his lips as he watched with hungry eyes how Taemin's sweat-slick body rubbed against his chest, pink nipples pressing and rubbing against his tanned skin, while even Taemin's ass-cheeks tightened in his cupping and supporting palms. Minho felt Taemin's whole body flexing, the younger boy's stomach hollowing, before Taemin put all his body weight on Minho's shoulders, supporting himself on them to lift himself up, only to impale his lower body on Minho's teasing fingers a second later.

Minho shuddered as Taemin moaned loud and lustfully, right into his left ear, his hot breath tickling Minho's sensitive skin.

“Help me undress” Minho's voice was a whisper against Taemin's feverish skin, but the boy nodded, his hands sliding down Minho's body, cupping the older boy's erection for a moment, before his fingers slipped inside the briefs, touching and caressing the hardened flesh admiringly.

Minho groaned and rocked into Taemin's soft hands, but only a moment later he bent his body down, his lips sucking on the younger boy's neck as he felt his briefs sliding down his flexed legs.

Their cocks brushed and they both moaned, Taemin softly into the air, Minho hot and wet against Taemin's skin. His fingers in Taemin pressed against tender walls, circling around, before Minho slipped them out, shuddering as Taemin's body clenched around him, desperately trying to keep his fingers in.

Hyung...Minho Hyung...”

Minho licked Taemin's trembling lips which called out for him and then very carefully steadied his body with Taemin around him. He tightened his arms around the moaning boy, hissed as Taemin's hand stroked up and down his length, but tried his best to ignore it as he slowly lowered them down to the floor.

Taemin only noticed that his back wasn't pressed against the wall anymore when his butt rested on the ground, his fluttering eyes widening as he once again lost balance at the sudden change of his position. He cried out, his hands reaching out for Minho, and then fell backwards until his back was flat against the ground. His fingers, which were tightened on Minho's shoulders made sure to pull the older boy with him, and Minho grunted in surprise as he fell forwards, until his upper body covered Taemin's, whose legs were still tightly wrapped around his hips.

Minho smirked when he realized that Taemin's clumsiness had led them into the very position Minho had planned to have the boy underneath him.

He quickly glanced at the younger boy and took full advantage of his motionless body as he recognized the dazed confusion in Taemin's eyes.

Minho's fingers searched their way back down to Taemin's opening and the younger boy sucked in his stomach, a surprised ”OH!” leaving his lips as three of Minho's fingers plunged in, rubbing their way deep inside the younger' boy's body.

Taemin moaned and rocked his hips, feeling overwhelmed and on the edge, because god, there was friction on his cock, Minho's skin rubbing against his hardened flesh, and those fingers-
”..oo- OHH!” those fingers just brushed against that one spot wich was black- and whitening his vision in searing, yellow pulses.

Minho laughed as Taemin's whole body jerked, and when Taemin's hips rose almost desperately, Minho reached down with his free hand and wrapped it around the younger boy's precum leaking length. He listened to Taemin's sweet cries as he toyed the slit and curled his fingers around the base, his fingernails softly digging into the pulsing flesh as precum dripped from the tip of Taemin's cock onto his stomach.

He played with Taemin's cock, until constant and sustained moans were leaving trembling lips, until Taemin's cheeks were back to a flushed pink, until the boy was so close to orgasm that his thighs around Minho were flexing and relaxing to the tact of his heartbeat, imitating the clenching and blossoming of his hole around Minho's fingers.

Minho scooped up little drops of precum and quickly coated his own cock with it, his cock twitching as he fisted it and stocked up and down the length two times. His index and middle were still buried inside Taemin as he traced the swollen rim with the tip of his cock and he heard Taemin's breath hitch, as he scissored his fingers, stretching the tight channel even more.

Minho's eyes rolled backward with a groan as he pressed his cock against Taemin's quivering hole, moaning as he felt the rim blossoming up for him, sucking on his cock, until the tip was past the rim, hugged inside Taemin's warm and begging body.

It was a tight fit, even more so because of his fingers still rubbing Taemin's insides while his cock pressed in. Minho held his breath and listened to Taemin shuddering and crying and moaning, until he was all way in, the curve of Taemin's ass flush against his skin. The older boy breathed out, glanced down at Taemin and licked his lips at the sight of the younger boy breathing heavily with his lips parted, the tip of his pink tongue hanging out of his left corner, eyes tightly shut and brows furrowed, his chest heaving with difficult intakes of air.

Minho bit down on his bottom lip and then moved, nothing more than a slight rocking of his hips, but they both moaned, Taemin's moan bordering on a desperate sob.

“Minho...Minho. Minho, move.”

The older boy obeyed and rocked his hips again, this time slipping his fingers out of Taemin as his cock slipped in, causing both of them to cry out again. Taemin's thighs around his waist tightened and then the boy moved his lower body to meet his cock.

Clear precum was dripping from Taemin's cock and Minho instinctively knew that the boy was close to coming. He jerked his hips closer, tried for deeper and faster and cried out when Taemin clenched around him, his walls squeezing his dick, milking his precome, begging for more.

Minho's fingers slipped out of Taemin's body, wet fingertips brushing the swollen rim, stretched around Minho's moving cock, gently pressing against the raw pink as they circled the wrinkled 'O'.

“Come for me, Dongsaeng...”

Minho rolled his hips, his cock pushing deep inside Taemin's hole at a weird angle and then Taemin cried out, screamed, sobbed as Minho's cock violently slammed against his prostate, his whole body convulsing and the arching off the ground as he came across his stomach and chest.

Minho moaned deep in his throat as Taemin clenched around him, the older boy shivering as he felt his orgasm nearing. He felt Taemin's hands weakly clutching on his shoulders while he tiredly moved his hips to meet Minho's frantic thrusts, the boy riding out his orgasm as well as helping Minho to reach his.

Minho groaned as he felt his cock pulsing and then quickly slipped out of Taemin, his hands freeing his body from the tight grip of Taemin's legs around his waist as he stroked himself to his climax, one of his hands tightening around the base to direct his cock against Taemin's face.

Minho moaned and then blinked as an interesting thought crossed his lust-spinning mind. His hazed eyes searched the ground for a minute, before he smirked and quickly snatched Taemin's glasses off the floor, before he placed them on the younger boy's nose, just in time as he came.

Thick ribbons of white arched off the tip of his cock, landing against Taemin's breathing-parted lips, his flushed cheeks and his glasses, and Minho groaned at the sight, ready to come again as he shook the last droplets of cum onto Taemin's face.

For a moment there was no other sound than their heavy breathing in the half-darkness of Minho's entrance hall. And then Taemin made a small sound as he tried to sit up. Minho smirked.

“So what was the reason that brought you all nervous to my door?” He asked all business as if they hadn't fucked just a minute before.

Taemin snorted in disbelieve before he answered.

“You ask me that now, Hyung?”

He took off his cum-smeared glasses and made a displeased sound at the back of his throat, whining as he tried to rub the cum off with his fingers but only managed to smear it across the glass even more.

Minho watched him with half-closed eyes, a lough escaping him when Taemin started pouting in annoyance. The older boy reached out for their clothes and threw Taemin's against the younger boy's bare body.

They dressed in silence.

“Did you miss me?”

Minho looked up at the soft voice asking him. His eyes fell of Taemin's back while the boy was busy binding his shoe-laces, but by the way his ears were blushing bright red, Minho could tell that the younger boy was just avoiding to look at him. He smiled.

He casually took his necktie from the ground and walked the two steps to Taemin's body, his hands gentle as they turned the boy around. Without a word he wound his tie around Taemin's neck, knotting and adjusting it and then slipping it underneath Taemin's sweater.

The younger boy watched him with softening eyes, his hands around his own necktie trembling, even as Minho took the cloth from his fingers.

“Will you come, take a seat of the student council?”

Minho smiled and wound Taemin's tie around his neck.

“Will you be there tomorrow, wearing my tie?” He asked back.

Taemin blushed and nervously tugged on the dark and expensive necktie, his fingers playing with the silk for a moment, before the boy had to smile.

“I'll see you tomorrow then, Minho Hyung.”

He turned to leave but was stopped by the door as strong arms wrapped around his frame from behind.

Minho's face pressed against the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent, before reluctantly letting go.

“See you tomorrow, Dongsaeng

Taemin slipped out of the room.


A/N: my very first shinee fanfiction. I blame it on Minho, haha.

This was supposed to be a 500 word prompt by the way... :'D
Fail. Anyways. Anyone noticed the little similar detail happening in
both Jams' ([livejournal.com profile] wynnetimate ) and my story? :D
...tell me if you did and I'll love you even more :DD

this was fun to write, but I think my favorite shinee-pairing is Minho/Key
so if I ever feel like writing shinee again, it will be most probably them.
Is there even a community dedicated to that pairing on lj?
(outing myself as a shinee noob badabaam :'DD)

I just realized that Minho/Key is more or less equivalent to MinJae...
...oh predictable Kpop-fandom delight *headdesk*

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He felt Taemin's hands weakly clutching on his shoulders while he tiredly moved his hips to meet Minho's frantic thrusts, the boy riding out his orgasm as well as helping Minho to reach his.

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errr. eh well thanks? :'D
[identity profile] kanabaka1.livejournal.com on October 26th, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
Smut makes my knees weak. SHINee smut fries my brain. Your writing makes me like this---> aofochnoaneroanwsjkbqodunbakns,c fuck fuck fuck aoufbaoeub aksjoadsasondaosjl noooo....i'm melting oauboubeaodjnlasdoasbdoa :D

<3 you're great *hugs*
[identity profile] abcdefghiluvyou.livejournal.com on October 27th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
hey bebee :)

so you're into shinee? :DDD
good to know there are some people
from my friendslist reading this haha :'D
I feel so lonely with this...buuuh!

thanks for reading and commenting, and
if I'm great -you're even greaterrrrrr :DDDD
(no subject) - (Anonymous) on April 17th, 2017 04:40 pm (UTC)
(no subject) - (Anonymous) on April 17th, 2017 04:40 pm (UTC)
[identity profile] abcdefghiluvyou.livejournal.com on October 27th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
riiiight!!! :DDD
cool!!! so you read both, thank you :DDDD

not sure if I'll write shinee again so soon, but...
we'll see. Minho and Key are just so sexy haha :'DD

thank you so much for reading and commenting, since
it's my first shinee it means a lot to me.
[identity profile] yuki-3.livejournal.com on November 6th, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
First time reading Minho/Taamin fic and it was gorgeously and sexily awesome <333

But I love Changmin/Minho pairing xD so cute <333
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[identity profile] theamazingberry.livejournal.com on January 12th, 2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
I've just became addicted to Minho/Taemin pairing. ;)
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[identity profile] madhvik14.livejournal.com on February 8th, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
I love love loved it!
I wish I could go to their school :)
If I were Taemin that tie would become a permanent part of my uniform

Those two are the hottest together.
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[identity profile] u-know.livejournal.com on July 29th, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
sdlkfj HOT omg I love your yunjae and now THIS ♥
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[identity profile] boggywuggypop.livejournal.com on April 7th, 2012 05:19 pm (UTC)

Why the hell did I even read a 2min fic?? Oh yeah, it said NC-17. Dang my sex-infested mind. lol.

And please write a Minkey?? Minkey is my life. For all it's worth, only a MinKey can brighten up my day. Oh, do I sound desperate. Haha.

Anyways, I desperately enjoyed this! :D
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[identity profile] emesmyra.livejournal.com on July 9th, 2012 03:20 am (UTC)
Holy mother of God what have you written!!! Too hot! *nosebleed*
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[identity profile] jimenyam.livejournal.com on July 28th, 2012 11:26 pm (UTC)
i think i love you
XD omfg that was whoooaa
srly *-*
i loved it!
the end was cutee ;3;
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