04 December 2011 @ 08:07 am
Title: Summer
Length: oneshot
Pairing: Changmin/Yunho (this is a MinHo)
Rating: R
Warnings: mentioned child-abuse -kinda tame tho' :D
Genre: tragedy, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: this is pure fiction. I don't make any profit with this.

author: [ profile] abcdefghiluvyou

Summary: “But what if a miracle would save him, would take him away from here to somewhere else. What if Changmin is the miracle for this one crying boy, a miracle he himself had waited all his life for...”

Changmin looks around and all he can see is darkness, dirt, the omnipresent sound of misery -a faint background melody he forever ago learned to blend out. It's the soundtrack of his life, he realizes... and maybe also this miserable boy's )